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Molly (the Owl)'s Wiki 

Watch Molly at Sportsman's Paradise Online  or Ustream


Tribute to McGee 


McGee Tribute page  


No Ongoing Broadcast anymore

Cameras Have Been Removed





Come join us at the following Barn Owl Live Camera sites at Sportsman's Paradise Online:

Sydney & Mel

Hans & Didi




Barn Owl named Audubon California’s 2010 Bird of the Year



Carlos and Donna Royal  received a special award from the World Owl Hall of Fame.



An unofficial site about the Barn Owl Molly, her mate McGee, and their four Owlets from the first clutch and now a second clutch, created and maintained by Molly-watchers suffering -- or not! -- from MOD, Molly Obsessive Disorder.




Chat Stream PDFs

Interviews and Backyard Tour 

Current   and Ongoing Get Togethers and Events  

Past Get Togethers: Photos and videos

Photos Photos Photos - Page by James Hill

More About Molly 

Stuff You Can Buy   

Free Stuff

Media Coverage  

Timeline - First Clutch

Timeline - Second Clutch 

Third Clutch  and After Information- 2011

Fourth Clutch- 2012 - Current Info Here

Holiday Page



Official Molly Merchandise at CafePress: cafepress.com/mollytheowl
To order  Molly the Owl books, go to:


Screen Shot of Molly & Owlets (First Clutch) by Susan Lawyer  


Carlos' address: Molly Royal, P.O. Box 2697, San Marcos, CA 92079    



"The Fledge of Allegiance"


I fledge allegiance,

to the MOD

of the United Fans of Molly's owls,

And to the dysfunction

For which it stands:

One obsession,

Under Carlos,

With hilarity and no rest for all!


—Mary Pat Hyland

 Barn Owls and Other Owls:  



Talkin' MODs



Slideshows & Collages



Poetry & Artwork:






Legends and Mythology



Avataria Collage by Kathleen Russell
Over the course of a few weeks, Kathleen gathered avatars of the First Clutch SPO Chat Stream participants
and created this wonderful commemorative mowlmento for us all.

MODS:Award Results:

World Owl Hall of Fame 2011 Winners:  
Lady Gray'l Award - Barnaby the Barn Owl, England  
Champion of Owls Award - Professor Dr. Claus König, Germany  
Isn't is great that a Barn Owl won the Lady Gray'l Award? Both Carlos & Molly were nominated, but it is great to know there were many worthy people and owls to be considered



To contribute to the wiki:  Click the link to request access (upper right)!

Tell us your user name on the Molly chat page so we'll know who you are. 





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