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. . . and Other Poems Inspired by Watching Molly, McGee & the Owlets


On the night of the camera blackout, Merritt got everybody writing haiku, and other poems, and the habit took. Some people have pages where they're archiving their own poems. Find them under "Poetry" on the FrontPage.


Contributors: Please add your haiku or other poems to this page! They're organized by date, most recent at the top, like a blog. You can also create a page for your own poems, if you prefer. If you do that, please put the page in the Poetry folder and then add a link to your page from the FrontPage!



Changing, growing, fast,

Wide eyes, nocturnal, waiting,

Not the owlets………us.


Colleen Tyler



Cold world, barren nest

Eggs hatching, life beginning 

Warm gracious planet 


Colleen Tyler



Some bones are crunching  

all the owlets are munching  

and were all groaning  


Adam Curry




I'm one of four 

of this you know 

Mom likes me best 

and that makes me glow. 


Just hold on one minute 

second brother said 

mom told me that too 

and I'm just as well fed. 


Number three that's me 

mom loves me the most 

and though this is true 

I feel I must boast 


Now wait just a minute 

little Westley noted 

I am the favorite 

all the people have voted.   






 rodent guts 

fuzzy owlet butts 

nature on display 

lucky bunch gets to 

watch each day


Maxine Rantane




 little fluffy butts 

capturers of all our hearts 

fearless flyers soon


--Daniele Dishion


On the evening of 23 April 2010, they had a very creative night of Haikus, it started at 12:52 pm EDT ~ 9:52 pm PDT and continues on into the next day, Saturday 24 April:


Started at 12:52 AM EDT 9:52 AM PDT


After someone made a reference to Gildersleeve, a character in the series "Fibber McGee and Molly," I felt inspired to write this haiku:


Gildersleeve always  

said, "You're a hard man, McGee." 

Now he's a hard owl. 





Babes crowd by the door - 

No wonder Molly moved out. 

Full moon rises soon. 


(Thanks Barb, for the line.)



Full moon rises soon 

As Max turns his back on us. 

That would be sumpin'.



Strange talk for hours 

Of owls and other things, but 

We don't name the bolt!


DWD in Atlanta

Hopping and hopping 

I'm going to learn to fly 

Then I'll say good-bye  


Holly from Bothell

I just arrived on the scene here.  My thoughts on the view: 

Fuzzy wuzzy was a bear; 

Fuzzy wuzzy had no hair,  

Fuzzy wuzzy wasn't fuzzy was he? 

No silly, fuzzy wuz an Owl.



For those of you wondering what's up with the poetry, a haiku is a non rhyming poem with 3 lines of 17 syllables: 5 syllables in the first line, 7 in the second, 5 in the third. They are simple to write and can be as eloquent or silly as you like. Best of all, they're a great way to pass the time while waiting for some action! 


Owlets calling in  

the dark, hoping for some food. 

Bring me a mouse now! 





Even more fun if you can use a line from a comment someone just made.  I was going off to bed but had to wait to see if someone would use "A face in the fluff" in a haiku.  I know you can do it!


DWD in Atlanta

A face in the fluff 

Is that someones little butt 

Oh my does that stink



James Hill

chimping chomping is 

of little concern because 

it is late here too


James Hill

I say, I say, I- 

say son, you're no chicken hawk. 

fuzzy owlet butt.



A face in the fluff 

It's Leg-o Land, Foghorn Leg- 

horn. Oh look ... rat tail


various dates




full moon tonight- be-

ware, rodents of San Marcos!

owlets are hungry.


the sound, the fury

that is dinner time in the

owl box- yum, rabbit!


sounds in the darkness

schree schree schree thunk plok twee de

twee de- then, silence


our pantry is well-

stocked for now-juicy mouse, head-

less beast-still, I screech.


i swivel my head

looking for mom, dad, perhaps

food?-i am ledgling




Mary Laura Kennedy

Dirty booties here 

One must clean them up today 

Pretty owlets we need now  



Too much happy juice 

while watching these owlets four 

makes the night go by.


DWD in Atlanta

Where are Mom and Dad. 

We are waiting for some food. 

Hurry...bring a rat.


Daniele Dishion

little fluffy butts 

capturers of all our hearts 

fearless flyers soon



They must be break dancing, 

the old owl box is swaying... 

Yeah, gettin down 

to the Friday night sound! 

They got all the right moves 

but they aint' go no shoes 

Yeah, they're break dancing 

while the owl tunes are playin'.


bada bing bada

boom shaka laka laka

bringin' down the house

we need another mouse!


livin' it up at

the hotel Cowlifornia

what a nice surprise

bring your owl-ibis


Holly from Bothell

Noises our ears hear, 

Blackness shrouds the truth indeed, 

Fuzz against my cheek


Mary Laura Kennedy

Mom, Dad hear us now 

We need food for our bellies 

Wesley is whining too much


DWD in Atlanta

Rat Helper, YUM, Good. 

Rabbit Helper is good too. 

Who's gonna cook it?


Mary Laura Kennedy

More butts. 

More butts and we can not lie. 

Owlet booties make us want to cry. 

They're so cute 

They make us want to hoot


James Hill

Sorry, got knocked off 

the net. My connection failed. 

Fuzzy outlets too!


Holly from Bothell

Counting Fingers Now 

For Haiku Symbols and Lines 

Got the Owl Time Funk


Lourdes Ibarra

It's amazing how simple creatures 

such as Molly, McGee and their owlets  

bring happiness and sleepless nights t'all.....


Daniele Dishion

we are way up here 

We get our meals delivered 

how did we get here


DWD in Atlanta

Way up in the sky. 

On top of a tall, steel pole 

How do we get down?


Lourdes Ibarra

(says Max) 

I got an itchy spot.... 

Way behind the back of my tail 

Help, Mama Molly.... Scratch it pls!


Mary Laura Kennedy

We love the Royals 

They gave us a happy home 

We could not want more



juicy rat package 

tail of which lies yonder as 

seen through owlet thighs.


Daniele Dishion

pins feathers poking 

long legs are growing too fast 

will wesley catch up


Mary Laura Kennedy

Go to sleep Laura 

You must wake before the dawn 

You must go to games


Holly from Bothell

DWD  (it's 5 if you say it out loud) 

up so late on the East coast 

friends and owls we are


Daniele Dishion

nice people watching 

collective conscience in play 

we can not fail now


James Hill

"Pay attention, boy!"  

"I don't see no hula girls."  

"We have been flim-flammed."  


Foghorn (verbatim -1)


Lourdes Ibarra

Must go to sleep soon.... 

Wait, one more minute... Mcgee might come 

Three minutes more for Molly..... 


Holly from Bothell

House Floats in the Sky 

Eyes Around the World Watching 

Hey How Cool is That


Lourdes Ibarra

Night owls we are now 

Soon, will our heads start bobbing too? 

I got the MOD bad....


Daniele Dishion

heart shaped faces four 

pointing toward the dark night 

its our time, don't fear


DWD in Atlanta

Three hour time difference. 

I must be stupid or What? 

Rats that I wait for.


Lourdes Ibarra

Two hours since last mouse 

So sleepy I'm starting to get hungry 

One, two minutes more.... waiting.....


James Hill


lacking food delivery 

one owlet squawking



Laura, the page is here: http://mollyowl.pbworks.com/Haiku 

There's not much there yet. But if you go to the Front Page, you'll find a litte more -- Owl Resources page created by Molie and a Timeline, still in process.




Bently J., I don't know if you saw this (posted over an hour ago),  a haiku is a non rhyming poem with 3 lines of 17 syllables: 5 syllables in the first line, 7 in the second, 5 in the third. They are simple to write and can be as eloquent or silly as you like. Best of all, they're a great way to pass the time while waiting for some action!  


Review a few prior posts for some fabulous examples.  


James Hill

...and Mensa cards are always accepted but not required everywhere.  Especially not here.  


Lourdes Ibarra

Good night, Molly and Mcgee 

Owlets hang on for a juicy treat 

Poets need a good night sleep.... 


signing off.  good nite all. (big yawn....)



Haiku example from yesterday (none written yet today...) 


Impatient baby  

with new feathers coming in  

I dream of flying


James Hill

strange sounds in the night 

mute, throw open window sash 

huh?  foxes in fight? 


too high-pitched for dogs 

not likely to be opossum 

maybe skunk got 'em 


(haiku x 2?)



Hissing and squawking   

Where is my fresh food Momma?   

Thank you very much



Sitting and waiting   

Hark! What is that I hear now?   

McGee with a mouse 


(another repeat I dredged up) 



I love to sing-a 

bout the moon-a 

and the june-a 

and the spring-a



Greetings from Iowa. 

I hope the grocery deliveries were 

enough to satisfy the hungry hoard. 

They are still squaking so it is hard to 






My tummy is stuffed, 

Still can't get enough, 

Come back, my mommy, 

Come back.


Kelly Warren

I hate to leave, Ive got to go 

I would much rather stay 

with you owl friends, 

in the know.    


Lourdes Ibarra

Good morning Owlets 

Bellies stuffed, pantry stocked 

Poets are back!


James Hill

Hi, Owloholics 

Groggy eyed and foggy mind 

How was your sleep? Namaste.



Owls sleep standing up, 

Downy tummies full of food 

Dreaming of more mice. 




Today, 11:17:49 AM EDT


Rabbit leg, rat tail

greasy grimy gopher guts

that's what owlets love.


Karen from MS





Written in the car on the way home from the beach-no internet connection, but can't help thinking about the intensity of that first time Max/ine steps out onto the patio:



Long awaited move,

Owlet bravely steps

Elder one on patio!




    Owlets in San Marcos

Stagger and thump in

the tiny wooden owl box.

Charm the watching world.

                     - Claudia Egelhoff




Karen from MS 

Glowing, peering eyes

Hoo's that owlet in the door

Awaiting dinner?




Karen from MS  

Dark Stormy Night Sky

Four Wee Raptors' hunger rise...

We are back in OZ...


South Fl 

Sleep monsters call me

Owlets call Molly, our Muse

Who will win out?





Soundless wings in flight

Flying like a ghost at night

Got the rabbit with first bite.




Chris in Olympia, WA 

The Corner of Death

Full of carcasses and prey

To munch in daytime.


DWD in Atlanta  

Molly brings a treat

They must have been starving!

No one's at the door.


James Hill  

Instructive Haiku

Literal in Translation

And quite funny too!


Are "They" the voices

That rattle around

Inside your cool head?


Haiku! times two, especially for you

(a reply to Kristi's Haiku, directly below)


Kristi Smith 

We're not at the door

You can all go to bed now


Lourdes Ibarra 

Take a chill pill peeps

Lourdes Ibarra   

Bunny on my beak

Dangling, teasing totem pole

fledging lessons starts


ginger from tn

Feathers- fluff no more.

First Flight - preparing I am.

Afraid - do not be.


Kelly Warren 

Jockeying for position

screaching and wings colideing

front mans on lookout



Rabbits on the beak

Looking bleak for gophers too

Night owls on the wing


DWD in Atlanta  

Some like poetry

Some like to draw or paint.

Molly is their muse.


Kathy O'Connor 

Molly took my mouse

I Mean Molly is my muse

It is late, I get confused!



Little brown mousie

Outside the owl housie

Come in for dinner!


DWD in Atlanta 

One lone little house

With dark skies behind it.

Keeps our owls safe.


Karen from MS    

Rabbit? Gopher? Mouse?

yeah 'dem bones, 'dem bones, 'dem bones,

owlet you decide. 




James Hill 

Surely well received

Discriminating taste is

Sometimes hard to find.




Mary Pat Hyland  

Lighthouse eyes blink out 

the owl barn door, signaling 

to FeedEx "guy". 



Sun sets in the west ... 

Darkness rolls in from the west ... 

We are back in OZ!



Per Carlos statement 

We don't argue, we are civilized here, Carlos needs to pay attengion to us 


We are civilized 

Chatting about our owls 

Adults in the room



Wake up little owlets, wake up 

Wake up little owlets, wake up 

You've all been sound asleep 

It's almost time to eat 

The day is over 

It's 8 oclock 

And you're in dozy deep 

Wake up little owllets, wake up


Kathryn R  

Missing the entire day has certainly left me in the dust, so I'll just keep on keepin' on with my haiku/horku and enjoying this entire experience...I think I logged on earlier at an awkward time. 


Bellies are growling 

But I still need some more rest 

A squawk here and there 



Overstuffed lamblettes 

In feathers and masks, 

Too quickly you'll fly! 



Wings stretched wide to fly - 

Then Maxie reconsiders... 

She says "Not tonight!


DWD in Atlanta  


Awesome and hystercal! 

That's what you'll find here! 


Haiku.........compliments of CatnapCrafts, Joan Shultz and Merritt



Just a pile of fluff 

Soon to explode in screeching 

Watching through the night



Babies awak'n 

Tree box gonna be shaki'n 

Mama brings something for the taki'n



Calm before the storm! 


Max, Pat, Austin, Wes 

Sleepy owlets resting up 

Screeching for food soon


Judi from Maine  

Ok, here's my haiku for the evening: 


eagerly they wait, 

dinnertime is drawing near, 

it's rat-a-whooie



Time on our hands folks 

Waiting for the fun to start 

One more hour to go 


Christina Walker  

Three heads 

one but 

make up to 

mch, mch, mch


Kathryn R  

It's time we start up the Haiku! 


Oh those teenage years! 

Sloppy Messy Smelly Nest 

Clean up now, will you???



Following my day of research: 


My owl box dream has faded, 

My yard is just not right, 

My house I just might trade it, 

For meadow land at night.



Fluff is a flying 

Feathers replace the white down 

Another milestone 


Haiku !


Bill in SD  

Here I sit all broken hearted 

Should be working but 


Just can't get started. 


Holly from Bothell  

Now I lay me down to sleep, 

Animal carcasses at my feet. 

If I die before I wake, 

I hope I die of a stomach ache.


nancy from vermont  

If I was an owlet in a box, sleep and eat, snuggle under mother to beat. 

Bob, sway and stretch, lean on my siblings to gain my two feet. 

Oh to sleep standing up without my beak falling to my feet. 

Wiggle and groom to no end with these feathers coming in. 

No matter how much I swivel and shake I can not lose this downy veil.



I think the lyrics are: 


"Hot hot hot hot hot hot hot. 

Iiiiiiiiii'm hot hot hot hot hot hot hot. 

Are you guys as hot hot hot?"



I think you'll have to be 'of a certain age' to get this one: 


Like Abbey Road's Paul 

We wonder at his mis-steps --- 

Wes is the Walrus???? 





This one's for Chris! 


Someone hacked the Stream! 

Stuffed bunnies replaced our owls. 

Could Wesley be down?!?!?! 




Darting across the sky With a mouse or rat in tow. 

They'd rather have a rabbit, This I surely know. 

Game is getting scarce,They've eaten everything in sight 

I'm doing all I can by hunting every night 

I see the end is near, I then can have a beer, 

They'll all be flying soon, soaring toward the moon. 

When they spot their prey, it's  "sorry mouse, this ain't your day" 

Hey Molly, come with me! I found another tree 

Another clutch? we'll see! doin' what comes naturally



Dinosaurs at heart; 

Birds from ancient ancestors. 

They survived it all! 




Bill in SD  

Got a quick glimse of what seemed to be 3 babe storks. 

Bluebirds feathering and eyes open. 

Ma & Pa squirrels sleeping.


Kristi Smith  

Wesley is healthy 

Alive and well everyday 

Just like the others 







Narcolepsy is a 

very fine state, 

except when you wake up... 

Everybody done ate! 

(silly, sorry)




then I'm off to a meeting 


You put your right wing in, 

You put your right wing out, 

You put your right wing in, 

And you flap it all about, 

You do the Owlet Pokey, 

And you turn yourself around, 

And that's what it's all about.



oh give us a home  

where the rodents all roam  

so we can eat all night long  

where there are no words  

just screeching that's heard  

from four owlets strong  


owls! those creatures of night  

how we long for the sight  

of your home in carlos' back yard  

each night we tune in  

to see how you've been  

and saying goodnight is hard  


now you're almost grown  

and soon you'll leave home  

flying off to distant parts  

where you'll find your own mates  

and new families create  

yet still you'll fly in our hearts  



Dozing and bobbing 

Fuzzy fluff flying all day 

Hissing and eating all night 




Melanie from Milwaukee, WI  

And another...Enjoy! 


Sung to the fine tune of "Take Me Out to the Ball Game"  


Get me out of the owl box  

Get me out for some fun  

Bring me a mouse and some rodent snacks  

I don't care if they're brown or they're black!  


Let me screech, screech, screech for my homeowls.  

If they don't eat it's a shame.  

For it's one, two, three, rodents thrown 'bout  

McGee has the best aim!


Melanie from Milwaukee, WI  

Wrote this last night - but not many people got to see it. 

Thought I'd share it again here  


Frozen in time  

This picture of mine  

Of Molly in full flight  


A vision of strength  

Wings at full length  

Silent hunter in the night.


Christina Sigvertsen Podvin  

Let the swaying begin!  I'll repost my thoughts from yesterday. 


Afternoon resting  

Their swaying mesmerizes  

What was I saying? 





They're so cute, 

Still looking like fuzzy cotton balls, 

But not for long, 

their feathers are showing, 

More and more each day, 

As they are growing, 

Hurray, Hurray, Hurray!



Four little delights 

looking for their close up shot 

As cute as they can be


Kristi Smith  

Who is Carlos? 

What is that black dot in the sky? 

Where is the fourth owlet? 

When does the mom bring food? 

Why does one owlet look sickly? 

How can you tell which one is Max? 


A TEST for Merritt: (hee hee)


That dude in the corner. 

The bat signal. 

Behind 1, 2, or 3. 

She lets McGee do all the work. 

He's not sick he's young. 

You can't.


Kelly Warren  

re post with slight adjustments 


warm fuzzy down coat 

we cant see the potential 

hidden feathers wait



Oooo - I can see all four of them for the first time in days! 


Mohawks are stylish 

But will be all gone way too soon 

Then we'll fly the coop! 







You put your right wing in, 

You put your right wing out, 

You put your right wing in, 

And you shake it all about. 

You do the Owlet Pokey, 

And you tiurn yourself around, 

And that's what it's all about.



In a perfect world, 

There would be no bickering. 

Peace and harmony. 





Three older owlets, 

Standing in a row, 

Wes takes the back seat, 

Says "Will you just go." 


Then I'll have this room, 

To myself and grow, 

Upward and outward, 

Till I can also go.


mama cat  

Now I bow my head down to sleep 

I pray my mom and dad to keep 

Bringing us rodents and bunnies and such 

We love eating them very much 

OOOP!  We're up now!



Good morning/Good afternoon from Ohio 

Wishing all a great day! 


Owl days, owl days, 

Dear old golden wow days, 

Molly, McGee and their owlets four, 

Hunting and preening, we just want more, 

Molly's our queen in feathers bright, 

We will keep watch throughout the night, 

We write on your chat "We love this site," 

As we wait for you to take flight.



We eat we sleep 

We eat we sleep 

Preen Preen Preen 

We watch the bugs 

Wonder what it was 

And then we sleep again!


dood fink  

we don't eat 

we don't sleep 

we watch owlets



We don't eat or sleep 

We watch owlets day and night 

We are wearing out! 


Horku! (thanks to dood fink)



Popped in for a bit 

Mohawks, polar bears, growth charts 

Now I've had my fix 


Haiku for you


Kelly Warren  

Warm fuzzy down cover 

What potential we cant see 

Hidden feathers wait


Kelly Warren  

Little fuzzy punks 

little toes all full of junk 

sleep the day away



Lets remember, 

What the nature of the owl can show us, 

As children are watching! these owlets rest, 

Revealing this owl family's caring, nature's best.


Kelly Warren  

Changed my avatar 

Hail to all MODs from afar 

Its just my new mask 


Tim Fulcher  

Horking up big ones... 

It's hard to believe that owls 

Swallow rabbits whole




Too funny Merritt 

You make me laugh in delight 

Five syllables please !!!


Kelly Warren  

Oh the prssure 

oh the stress 

are all the babies 

 in the nest?



Oh come on. You know you want to get me back for the knock knock joke, just a little? lol 

Dave the Buzzard man got me real good last night. Did you see my limerick that I composed on the spot? Here it is if you didn't see it: 


There once was a MOD who was punked 

By a prankster who actually slam dunked. 

MOD took it in stride 

With a grin that was wide 

‘Cause she knew she was totally skunked!


Judy R  

Greetings from Iowa. 

Our last gorgeous day - weather 

moving in tomorrow   

So glad to see M & M keeping up 

the grocery run.  Do you suppose 

M&M will go on vacation with Carlos 

and Donna after the kidlets leave the nest ?




Morning, all! They sure do make my day start out right!So do all you MODS! Here's my morning poem: 


Feet, feathers, floor of fuzz 

Tummy full, now tell me, does 

the camera catch my better side 

or does this fur make me look wide? 




Melanie from Milwaukee, WI  

I am turned around and upside down 

I should really be sleeping real soon 

Thanks to my MOD, I'm starting to nod  

And I'm sure I'll be sleeping til noon! 



Melanie from Milwaukee, WI  

Frozen in time 

This picture of mine 

Of Molly in full flight 


A vision of strength 

Wings at full length 

Silent hunter in the nigh


James Hill (in Cognito)  

'Nite Owls - Bid Adieu 

Into the basement I go 

Then it's off to bed 


Sleep tight and let your ropes hang loose.


Karen from Mississippi 

Stealth flight like a jet  

wings spread and his talons clutched,  

McGee ~ pounced on prey.  

Kathryn R  

Haiku for when I am gone this weekend: 


I leave you tonight 

Screeches, hisses will haunt me 

I will dream of you



Hissing all alone 

Wake up brothers and sisters 

It takes a village


Mary Pat Hyland  

Dusk blind, we wonder 

if owlets are bowling or 

wingboxing. Crazed bunch!


*end 5-6-10 12mn 





Klaara on one screen, 

Molly's kids on the other. 

My eyes dart between! 


(Horku Haiku!) 

Klaara is the Northern European Tawny owl who may have an egg hatching tonight.



An homage to the Beach Boys:  


Bob bob bob, bob bob your head 

Bob bob bob, bob bob your head 

Oh bob your head 

That's what I said 

You got  me bobbin' and a weavin' 

when I should be a leavin' 

Bob your head bob bob 

Bob bob your head 


My poetic brilliance is gone. I've reduced myself to plagiarizing (sp) simple songs from the 60s. All is lost...



Come on Molly and McGee... 

We're sat here waiting patiently 

Hungry owlets in the high house 

Need a rabbit, gopher, rat or mouse




Un done work at home 

looks just like the owl box does. 

Wait til you fledge, Babies! 





Soundless wings at night 

Flying like a ghost at night 

mouse gone in one bite. 





Carlos Royal, Once had a goal. 

He put an owl box atop of a pole. 

He watched for two years, not and owl did he see. 

Finally it happened, Molly and McGee. 

The two together, nature at it's best. 

I don't have to tell you, you know the rest. 

6 tiny eggs, one of them cracked. 

Duddly didn't make it, something he lacked. 

The 4 that were left, well they grew and they grew. 

There was no room for mom so away she flew. 

She hasn't gone far, she's joined McGee. 

The two of them nightly on a hunting spree. 

They drop in often with lots of prey. 

To check on the little owlets and make sure they are okay. 

Soon they will fledge, away they will fly. 

But Carlos Royal, isn't he sly?



Melanie from Milwaukee, WI  

Me so hungry, me so lean 

I would like to munch on a rodent spleen 

I'm wide awake for goodness sake 

Austin says his (her) belly aches. 


I like my fat pooch when the night's through 

But it's going to be flat if you don't bring me a shrew 

A rodent, a rabbit, a mouse, or a bear 

I'm not that picky...I just want my share!


Melanie from Milwaukee, WI  

(Inspired by Vicki) 


Yay!  Dinner.  That's a winner. 

You provided well tonight! 

NumYumNum This is (num) great (num)! 

We'll need some more alright!



I scream, y'owl scream 

we owl scream 

for micecream!


Melanie from Milwaukee, WI  

As the moon casts out the night's shadow 

So do these young eyes shine 

Ablaze against darkness 

Peering, Glowing, Haunting 


Somewhere deep in the darkness, I hear the beating of wings.....


Cheryl Greenway Owen  

Patiently we watch 

Nothing will get done until 

Owlets have been fed 


Desperate Haiku!! 



It's 629 and I must leave for my studies.  I will not be able to visit Molly or you this weekend.  So, if the owlets fly from their home - I wanted to say - Thank you for being so nice to me and allowing me me pleasure of being part of such a wonderful once-in-a-lifetime experience. 


Here is my very poor attempt at a goodbye to the owlets - 


When I'm alone  

I dream of the horizon 


that all of you will soon soar; 


you’ll go 


to the plains I never 


saw or shared- experience them - be free - 




it's time to say goodbye. -- 







Haiku from work. 


During the week days 

no video, audio, 

your words are my Braille.



Woke up around 3:00 am EST.  Checked on owlets.  Had this thought: With names like Molly and McGee, perhaps this Irish Eyes version would be appropo. 


When owlets eys are shining, 

Sure it's like an eve in Spring, 

In the lilt of owlet hissing, 

We can hear those owlets sing, 

When owlets hearts are happy, 

All the MODS are here to say, 

That when owlets eyes are shining, 

Sure they steal your hearts away.



After James Hill made the comment barn owls are not vampires the day after a quip he had made about me sleeping in a closet hanging upside down somewhere, then he himself appearing in the chat room with a vampire themed moniker, I felt inspired to write the following limerick:


There once was a barn owl vampire 

Whose thirst for blood was dire. 

He bit the necks of rabbits 

To support his habits 

And now he's ready to retire.



Welcome little bird! 

Come join us in the owl box. 

Our breakfast is here! 




Christina Walker  

Two in the front 

Two in the back 

Need some room 

To starch my back   



On for a quick peek 

Then Carlos started talking 

Jumped out of my seat! 


Lunch break Haiku



Come on, little owlet, 

You put both wings in, 

And you hork that pellet out. 


Gotta' run. 

Have fun!


Melanie from Milwaukee, WI  

Here is some poetry I wrote last night whilst waiting for deliveries.  Thought I'd share with you this afternoon...or early evening, depending on where you are  Please enjoy  


Molly..Mommy, Where are you?  

We're the watching/waiting crew  

We need a pizza or a rabbit  

Some beef or rodent stew (ew.)  


Whether you're an owlet or a human  

One thing is so true  

We're waiting and/or screeching  

Ready and eager for you!  


(also applies to McGee) 


Melanie from Milwaukee, WI  



A lull is a lull.  

But we prefer to be full.  


A wait is a wait.  

But you seem to be late.  


But food is food  

We don't mean to be rude.  


Hello?  Screech?


Melanie from Milwaukee, WI  

A Haiku I thought of this morning when I popped in - inspired by the splatterings on the wall and the unknown goings ons in the darkness of the box.  (oiy.) 


The wall of carnage 

Has its own story to tell 

If these walls could speak.... 





Don't mind if I do 

Step on you, 

Can't get thjrough, 

Unless I do





I've stayed until 2

and have added something new:

A bright Owlo-tar!


Karen from Mississippi

Merritt knows blue smurfs

Me? No, not on smurf patrol

would have been fired.



Christina Walker

It was 11:27

when you last came to my door

delivery delivery

we want more


Christina Walker

One eye on the others

to keep them at bay

one eye on the door

to get me some more


Christina Walker

One and two

have been fed

but three and four

need some more


Christina Walker

Only see three

but feet's of four

how many baby's

are looking for more



In the pink

Owlets wink

See McGee?

Just don't blink



First a bouncy porch

Then a solid branching perch

Soon, platf orm and trees

Screeching night owl haiku...


Christina Walker

Hello from Jacksonville Florida

Eyes lit up in the night

wait ing for mom

to bring the mice


Mary Lee Nance

Upsidedown I stare

at all you watching out there

just wondering why



Oh SNAP!! I forgot

To do the laundry or dust!

My life is all owls.



famous and feathered

so sublimely unaware

raptors in their realm



Frog and hanging owl

A bunny with its head on

Did we see a fish?

Carrot! Polar bear.. .

Zorro (Mouse That Got Away)

Evening puppet show

2-verse horku!



Did I hear that Max

was out hanging three today?

It's always something!





With all this talk and dread we are f eeling about this being over soon. I wrote this to help us feel better.

When soon the time comes and we must say goodbye

Our lit tle owlets have now learned to f ly.

Our hearts burst with pride as gently we sigh

Our smiles are so brave though a tear in the eye.

Fly through the heavens and soar with no f ear

Live well little owlets our hearts hold you dear.

Your lives are so precious and though you must go

Our hearts have awakened though you'll never know,

how much joy you have brought us as we all watched you grow.

Good bye little owlets we will all miss you so.



They'll fledge from the ledge,

and maybe land in the hedge.

Or lurch to the perch,

from which their meal they will search!

It's bet ter than staying in a box all their life

That would create way too much strife!



Fresh cup of coffee in hand,

Last of the firewood glowing,

All set for the night,

Owlets make it right ,

With t reats they'll keep growing and growing.



Growing Owls, growing, growing,

Their faces have filled in,

With masks of wide-eyed wonder,

Their snowy fluff has grown into,

Richly-colored feathers,

Their legs look stronger and steadier, Now,

And they can turn their heads all around,

One way and then the other,

All cuddling together in a box, fif teen-feet high,

They stretch out their wings and screech, In preparation,

While in anticipat ion, we watch, we wait, For them to venture out and fly!



Beautif ul owl eyes,

Wake unto me,

Silver and shining,

I so want to see.

Thanks to Jan.


Miss B

aww how loving

two owlets kissing

others preening

all interacting.


Miss B

Down goes down

feathers abound

the owlets grow up

one day to fly out.


Miss B

Rock a by baby

in the owl box

until about dark

then the place rocks.



our owlets sublime

little warmhappy faces

keep us enchanted

horku - thanks to chickadee


Miss B

oh look at the owl faces

changing every day

looking less like babies

and then on their way!



Rock and pant

Bob and doze,

Whoo'll leave first,

Only Max knows.



I'm one of four

of this you know.

Mom likes me best

and that makes me glow.

Just hold on a minute

second brother said

mom told me that too

and I'm just as well fed.

Number three that's me

mom love me the most

and thou this is true

I feel I must boast.

Now wait just a minute

little West ly note

I am the favorite

all the people have voted



Boy or girl?

Sigh, sigh, sigh,

We'll never know.

Until they fly.

And even then,

Not know their fate,

Till someone follows,

And sees them mate.



Owlet s three,

How can that be?

Owlet four

Asleep on the floor.




Tim Fulcher

Voyeurs' punishment...

An Owl's-eye-view of the box...

Molly's censorship...



I drew a cartoon,

Max had a talk with Wesley

but Merritt missed it!

Cartoon Haiku!


Charis LeBuis Cummings

Dad's busy tonight

Mom's taking Mother's Day off

Little R & R


Lourdes Ibarra

Mice, bunnies, gophers

Come out...let the hunt begin

Owlets are hungry....



Rats and mice are nice,

But let's have Chinese tonight.

Call Take-Out Taxi!

(Horku Haiku!)



My poem repeat

When soon the time comes and we must say goodbye

Our little owlets have now learned to fly.

Our hearts burst with pride as gently we sigh

Our smiles are so brave though a tear in the eye.

Fly through the heavens and soar with no fear

Live well little owlets our hearts hold you dear.

Your lives are so precious and though you must go

Our hearts have awakened though you'll never know,

how much joy you have brought us as we all watched you grow.

Good bye little owlets we will all miss you so.



The answer: "Dudley

In the pantry with a bolt".

But what's the question?

(Horku Haiku!)



Details of a wing

Emerge in beautiful hues.

Flight will come so soon!



Preening? Swaying? Molting? Check.

Standing on one foot? Well, heck!

I can do that! Look! You see?

That owl who stands so tall? That’s me!

It won’t be long now, soon I’ll fly!

I’ll soar with Mom and Dad so high

You’ll hardly even know it’s me!

Oh, wait…how could that ever be?

To never see you all again?

That can’t be true! This cannot end!

So when you see some fluff, some down,

a feather in a tree, a sound

of wings above, you’ll know I’m here.

Please know that you must never fear –

I’m fine! I’m healthy, strong and free.

And grateful for your love for me!



(tune-row, row, row your boat)

Preen, preen, preen your fluff,

Gently down will fall,

Owlily, owlily, owlily. owliliy,

Soon mama will call.



The Fledge Pledge:

I (owlets name) do solemnly swear

to do what's fair,

and share the air,

with much care,

and to beware,

the evils out there!



Fresh cup of coffee in hand,

Last of the firewood glowing,

All set for the night,

Owlets make it right,

With treats they'll keep growing and growing.



Barbeque hare ribs

With a side of ratwick stew

Mother's Day picnic.




Kelly Warren

M olly loves her babies

O wls are the best

L ots of juicy mice to eat

L ots of eyes on her nest

Y es- I admit it, I have MOD



owlets are resting

nocturnals daytime motion

everyone peaceful



Owlets stirring

Not yet nocturnal

Day time still for play





New utopia:

The Republic of Molly!

Peace and Harmony.


Haiku! (inspired by and dedicated to Owlosaurus)



The ship, it is a'rockin',

The passengers not talkin'

They ate so much,

Their bellies stuffed,

No energy for squawkin'.




Beautiful feathers

Take a lot of work to preen.

Fluffy down must go.





"The floor is a mess,"

It is my best guess,

That Molly, like most moms,

Ignores it today and rests.


Tim Fulcher

Someone has to know. ..

What happened to Dudley Owl...

It's a cover-up...




Kelly Warren

Sharp claws, razor beeks

Ripping, tearing apart, gulping

Always wanting more


Mary Pat Hyland

Ledgeling In Your Own Time

(with apologies to Carly Simon)

Well I have known you, since you were a small egg

Back when Molly used to say, "Well my Max is gonna grow up

And be some kind of mouser someday."

Then you venture out like Elvis and squawk with the owlets in the box

Your mama would say to you,

"This isn't exactly a show biz flock."

But you're a ledgeling in your own time

A hero in the flash lights

Teasing talons catch the starlight

But a ledgeling's only a lonely owl

When he branches alone.



Ghostly little faces

Perring from the doorway

My heart is full



Kathryn R

Oops! Hit the post key by accident! Here it is in its entirety:

We are getting big

One big rodent to divide

That ain't enough, MA!



Music to my ears

owlets hissing with no fears

rock-a bye-ing me


Kristi Smith

I wish I may

I wish I might

Step out on the ledge tonight

But if I don't, it's okay

Tomorrow's still another day!


Kathryn R

our camp all weekend. I tried to listen for the chicks but couldn't locate them. This is what I came up with:

Eagle soars above

My little chicks are hungry

I am not Molly



Dusky blue darkens;

We watch the skies for owls wings.

Talons on the ledge!




To Max, Austin, Pattison and Wesley

Why do MODS suddenly appear

Every time owls are here,

Just like me,

They all long to be

Close to you.


Christina Walker

Two fronts

Two butt's

Waiting for time to

Munch, munch, munch



A poem from Pattison:

Molting itches, fuzz does fly!

And any day now, so will I!

Stepping out just to the edge.

Gotta practice. Gonna fledge.

Max, you gonna eat that mouse?

It’s starting to stink up the house!

C’mon Wesley, get a broom!

It’s time! We’ve gotta clean the room!

We’ve got to leave it clean, you see.

Even though we’re gonna be

away a while, when we have mates

we might just use this for our “dates”.

So get some Pledge, some Dawn, some Tide!

Clean out the corners! (Mice can hide)

Now, quick! Let’s finish with the house!

And Max, I beg you EAT THAT MOUSE!


dood fink

dust motes sprinke on

dark eyed, heart faced, intent beak

posed in streaming light




Owls, all legs and beaks

With plenty rodent protein,

Now golden faces.



Raptors by nature

It is born in all their hearts

Swif t, silent, killers


Tim Fulcher

Staring at the cams...

The owls know the place is bugged. ..

In more ways than one...


dood fink

a little late on the puppeteering. hace to share the computer. but:

do you have a clue?

sir carlos, in the kitchen,

with two eared carrot?


Lourdes Ibarra

Owl be signing off!

Good night Molly

Good night McGee

Good night Owlets

Owl be back tomorrow


Kelly Warren

Sharp claws, razor beeks

Ripping, tearing apart, gulping

Always wanting more


Mary Lee Nance

three faces, one rear

is the sun too bright for her

or is she just shy


Mary Lee Nance

three faces, one rear

guess the sun's to bright for him

hides his eyes and sleeps



Here's the story of an Owl named Molly

who was bringing up 4 very lovely owlettes

all of them had feathers so beautiful, like their mother

the youngest one in white fuzz

To the tune of the Brady Bunch.



Dearest Owlets

Lullaby and good night, with rodent s bedight,

Gophers, rats and littel mice, may thy bellies be tight,

Stand thee up now and rest, may thy slumber be blessed,

Stand thee up not and rest, may thy slumber be blessed.

with apologies to Brahms



Preening. Grooming. Floor of Fuzz.

Tummy's f ull. Now tell me - does

Carlos catch my bet ter side?

Or does this fuzz make me look wide?



Hey, Max! Let’s finish up this leg!

If we don’t, it’s hard to beg

for more f rom Mom and Dad tonight.

So eat! Or get it out of sight!

I’m gonna miss the easy way

We have it now. The fun, the play

With Austin, Wes and Max, and you -

The MOD’s: our f aithful friends, and true

supporters of our Mom and Dad.

Leaving you will make us sad.

But do remember we grew tall

Because you helped us, so we’ll call

to you when we fly on f rom here.

Dear friends, this is no time for tears!

We’ll grow, and mate and have our own

new owlets, and they’ll have a home

near here someday. We’ll see you soon,

as silhouettes against the moon.

So raise a toast! Or eat a mouse!

But let's rejoice for Molly's house!



An Owllabye

Rockabye owlet s, inside your box,

take a good rest while Carlos talks,

Soon you'll be flying all over the place,

That's when I'll have a very sad face!



part 2

I'll really be happy to see you fly,

It's just that's it's hard to say goodbye.

When I see an owl for evermore,

you know I'll be thinking of the San Marcos Four!


dood fink

quickie haiku:

thin white straight stick legs

among gray ground debris

rooted by talons


dood fink

dust motes sprinke on

dark eyed, heart faced, intent beak

posed in streaming light


05-11-2010..... coming soon, jeri 






By Rie (Marie Frisa)

4 in a box 

nest for our view 

we are obsessed 

with owl haiku 


Gophers and mice 

Molly is nice 

McGee is the dad 

we all wish we had 


Watching and waiting 

MODs all are we 

Thank you so much 

to Carlos and family





Me and My Molly/McGee

To the Tune of Me and Bobby McGee


By Jean Schultz         

 Cozy box in San Marcos 

Owls waitin' for a treat 

When owls feelin' near faded as my jeans 

Molly threw a gopher in 

Just before Max leaped. 

Then Fly-by McGee tossed a rodent in.


By Rie Frisa

One day on Carlos' webcam he gave it all to see 

He found the owl's nest and then he shared it 

We'd trade in all tomorrows for just a fledge today 

To be seeing McGee and Molly's owlets fly. 


Flying like McGee and Mollllly....




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