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MOD Acrostics

Page history last edited by Latrippi 12 years, 4 months ago

On Saturday, May 22, left staring at the outside of the Owl Box all day while the Royals took some R&R to SF and owlets snoozed inside, MODs were watching the wind blow, when Merritt again seized the opportunity and proposed a new entertainment: MOD Acrostics! Here's a PDF of the SPO FLOW chat stream when spontaneous acrostics were introduced: MOD-Acrostics.pdf (5-22 @ 1:10 - 2:15 PM PDT).


  •  To ADD YOUR ACROSTIC(S), see the instructions at the bottom of the page.


What the experience of watching the owls and participating in the SPO chat room has meant to me:


T-time consuming!


-- Merritt! 


C- Celebrate 
O- Owls 
L - Learning 
L- Launching 
E- Enchanting 
E- Enjoyment 
N- Nocturnal 





P - Purrfect Friends
U - Unusual Ads
R - Rodent Feasts
D - Dirty Little Birdie Feet
Y - Yeah Royals!
F - Furry Floor
A - Animal Lovers
M - Magical Captures
S - Simply Unforgettable
(Can't you just hear Nat King Cole?)

B - Bright People
E - Everlasting Memories
C - Cuteness Galore
K - Keeno Chat
Y - Yeah Royals!


-- purdyfarmsBecky



W - Winsomeness
E - Everlasting
S - Siblings
L - Leaving
E - Eating
Y - Yum

-- Latrippi



A - Acrostics & haiku

C - Catalyze

R - Reflection,

O - Owlishly

S - Synergize

T - This (just this!)

I - Incandescent

C - Confabulatory

S - Society of minds.


-- Latrippi




- Author




- Author




Note: Acrostics do not need to form a sentence, but they can. Or, they can consist simply of a sequence of words.  For more, see the Wikipedia entry on Acrostics.

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Latrippi said

at 10:53 am on May 23, 2010


- You must have an account on the wiki and be signed in. To request an account, go back to the FrontPage and follow instructions for requesting access. Or ASK SOMEONE active on the wiki to add your acrostic for you!! (We have a limited number of accounts available.)

- Gather up the text of your acrostic(s) into a plain text file.

- On the upper left, find the white tab labeled "VIEW" above the page title. Just to the right, find where it says "Edit," and click on that!

- You will now be in a text editing window inside the page. Along the top, you will see 2 rows of formatting options that should be familiar from other text editors (like Word).

- Put the cursor where you want to enter your acrostic. If there is 'placeholder text,' you may replace it!!! That's why it's there.

- Copy and past the text of your acrostic into the page. Use minimal formatting as desired.

- Note: Tab spaces don't work. For that, use the indent icon (above the 'font' drop down menu).

- To add a horizontal line before or after your acrostic, find the icon for that in the 2nd row of the formatting toolbar, just to the right of the 'ABC checkmark'. It shows a horizontal bar between 2 sections of text marked A and B.

- Be sure to sign your acrostic!

- Click SAVE on the lower left hand corner of the edit window!

- Note: If you make a mistake, you can edit it. If you make a bigger mistake and need to revert to an earlier version of the page, ask an editor to help you. Leave a comment here or in the chat stream, or email one of us using the 'Share this page' link on the upper right. (Editors: Latrippi, Mollie, Chris).

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