MOD Acrostics

On Saturday, May 22, left staring at the outside of the Owl Box all day while the Royals took some R&R to SF and owlets snoozed inside, MODs were watching the wind blow, when Merritt again seized the opportunity and proposed a new entertainment: MOD Acrostics! Here's a PDF of the SPO FLOW chat stream when spontaneous acrostics were introduced: MOD-Acrostics.pdf (5-22 @ 1:10 - 2:15 PM PDT).



What the experience of watching the owls and participating in the SPO chat room has meant to me:


T-time consuming!


-- Merritt! 


C- Celebrate 
O- Owls 
L - Learning 
L- Launching 
E- Enchanting 
E- Enjoyment 
N- Nocturnal 





P - Purrfect Friends
U - Unusual Ads
R - Rodent Feasts
D - Dirty Little Birdie Feet
Y - Yeah Royals!
F - Furry Floor
A - Animal Lovers
M - Magical Captures
S - Simply Unforgettable
(Can't you just hear Nat King Cole?)

B - Bright People
E - Everlasting Memories
C - Cuteness Galore
K - Keeno Chat
Y - Yeah Royals!


-- purdyfarmsBecky



W - Winsomeness
E - Everlasting
S - Siblings
L - Leaving
E - Eating
Y - Yum

-- Latrippi



A - Acrostics & haiku

C - Catalyze

R - Reflection,

O - Owlishly

S - Synergize

T - This (just this!)

I - Incandescent

C - Confabulatory

S - Society of minds.


-- Latrippi




- Author




- Author




Note: Acrostics do not need to form a sentence, but they can. Or, they can consist simply of a sequence of words.  For more, see the Wikipedia entry on Acrostics.