Timeline: Part 4

Events in the Ongoing Story of Molly, McGee, & the Owlets

Note: This Timeline is in reverse chronological order, with most recent events at the top.


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First Flights

May 16 - 24


May 24/25. Mon night.

Hunting Stats: Total treats: 12. 9:39p Molly, mouse; 9:53p McGee, rodent; 10:20p Molly, mouse; 11:07p McGee, rat; 11:54p Molly, mouse; 11:54p McGee, rat; 12:05a Molly, rat; 1:03a McGee, mouse; 2:03a Molly, rat; 2:36a Molly, rat; 2:50a McGee, live mouse; 4:12a Owlet Whooo, rat (probably handoff from parent).

Branching Stats: First out at 8:21p. Second out at 8:21p. Third out at 8:25. Wesley out on the perch 5:11-5:16a. Last owlet back in at 5:16 (Wesley).



May 23/24. Sun night.  

Hunting Stats: Total treats: 10. 9:12p Molly, mouse; 9:29p Molly, mouse; 9:30p MAX! gopher (probably a handoff from a parent); 9:57p McGee, rabbit; 11:19p McGee, rodent; 1:14a Molly, gopher; 1:43a Molly, mouse; 2:09a Molly, mouse; 2:39a Molly, mouse; 3:26a Molly, live mouse.

Branching Stats: First out 8:20p. Second out 8:21p. Third out 8:25p. All back in by 5:10a. Wesley still enjoying flying as a strictly spectator sport.



May 22/23. Sat night.  

Hunting Stats: Total treats: 10. 8:58p McGee, gopher; 10:17p Whoo? rodent; 11:01p McGee, rat; 12:11a Molly, rodent; 12:51a Molly, rat; 1:02a McGee, mouse; 1:11a McGee, live mouse; 1:44a McGee, rodent; 3:44a Molly, rodent; 4:05a McGee, rat. 

Branching Stats: First out 8:18p. Second out 8:19p. Third out 8:22p. All back in by 5:13a. Wesley still enjoying dining alone.


May 21/22. Fri night.  

Hunting Stats: Total treats: 11. 9:25p McGee, rodent; 10:24p McGee, rodent; 10:45p McGee, rodent; 11:09p Molly, gopher; 12:23a McGee, mouse; 12:32a Molly, gopher; 2:16a McGee, rat; 2:48a McGee, rat; 2:49a Molly, rabbit; 4:56a McGee, mouse; 5:09a Molly, rat.

Branching Stats: First out at 8:18p. Second out at 8:19p. Austin out at 8:27p (identified by the “do not pass Go” launching style). All three returned by sunrise. Wesley still standing on the door sill, looking around.


May 20/21. Thu night.  

Hunting Stats:Total treats: 6. 9:12p McGee, rodent; 10:16p Molly, rabbit; 11:30p Molly, rodent, possibly live; 12:11a McGee, rodent; 2:01a McGee, rat; 4:32a McGee, rodent.

Branching Stats: Max and Patti out at 8:17p. Max in at 4:32a, Patti in at 5:11a. Austin out 8:55-10:07p; flew immediately from the door to the landing pad. Wesley still inside getting first dibs on the food deliveries.


May 19/20. Wed night.  

Hunting Stats: Total treats: 8. 8:40p McGee, rat; 9:02p McGee, rodent; 10:45p Molly, Mouse; 11:26p McGee, gopher; 1:47a McGee, rodent; 2:34a McGee, mouse; 2:57a Molly, rat; 3:46a McGee, rodent.

Branching Stats: One owlet out 8:19p-1:49a and another owlet out 8:21p-2:59a.


May 18/19. Tues night.

Hunting Stats: Treats: 8. 9:55p Molly, rodent; 10:09p Molly, rat; 11:33p McGee, mouse; 11:57p McGee, gopher; 12:27a McGee, rodent; 1:01a McGee, mouse; 1:56a McGee, rodent; 2:35a McGee, rat.

Branching stats: Patti out 8:17-9:24p; 12:41-5:11a; first flight 1:18a. Max out 10:30-11:34p; 2:00-5:06a; first flight on camera 4:56a. Austin: One foot on porch 2:27a. Wesley: Thinkin’ ’bout it.


Note: First outside delivery: via James Hill: On the first or second night that Max ventured outside, he was sitting on the perch attached to the owl box and one of the adults flew in with a treat.  They landed on the T-bar perch and handed off the prey to him.  He sat there for a few minutes with the mouse/gopher(?) dangling from his beak before turning around and going inside to consume the critter. In the chat stream, MODs applauded Max's ability to "not drop it" before he went inside. Kathryn R or Dorothy grabbed a picture (check for timestamp!)


May 17/18. Mon night.

Hunting Stats: Treats: 9. 8:47p Molly, gopher; 10:19p McGee, mouse; 10:25p Molly, mouse; 10:37p Molly, rodent; 11:55p McGee, mouse; 12:56a McGee, mouse; 2:20a McGee, big rodent; 2:49a McGee, rat; 3:47a McGee, huge rat.

Branching Stats: Owlet (Max? Patti?) on perch 8:16-8:35p; 8:50-9:13p; 9:49-10:15p; 1:01-1:32a; ON ROOF 1:32-3:03a.


May 16/17. Sun night, wet and foggy.

Hunting Stats: Treats: 2. 9:15p Molly, rodent; 10:27p wet Molly, rat, possibly live.

Branching Stats: Owlets (Max? Patti?) on perch: 8:10p-8:39p; 8:43p-1:58p; 10:03p-10:29p; 11:56p-12:06a; 3:02a-3:08a.


Photo (above): Max Flies the Coop (5/16/2010) by James Hill (click for full size version).


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