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Second Clutch - Information and Videos

Page history last edited by Chris 11 years, 6 months ago


This page contains some information and links to videos about the second clutch. If someone wants to create a timeline for the second clutch similar to the one done for the first clutch they are welcome to do so. However, since the time some of us have to contribute this time is less than the first time, this page will probably contain less detail than the timeline for the first clutch.  For more of Carlos's recorded videos of Molly and family, go to these sites:


Note: The Information below is in reverse chronological order, with most recent events at the top.


1/28/2011 - Eric Blehm With Daughter Callia Jamison Blehm

Callia Jamison Blehm, Born 1:10 PM 1/20/2011, Height 19 inches, Weight 7 lbs. Mother and baby are doing great.



1/27/2011 - McGee Shows Up for a Photo Op

"McGee showed up last night to celebrate my birthday. Molly too, but she seems to be pre-occupied inside the box. McGee kept posing on the fledge ledge until I finally said, “Okay” and I went inside and got my camera. More than likely Molly has some eggs since all the other owl boxes in the area with tenants have eggs. We don’t know how many as the cameras are not hooked up. It will be a surprise when the owlets come out of the box".



1/25/2011 - World Owl Hall of Fame 2011 Winners: 
Lady Gray'l Award - Barnaby the Barn Owl, England  
Champion of Owls Award - Professor Dr. Claus König, Germany 

Isn't is great that a Barn Owl won the Lady Gray'l Award? Both Carlos & Molly were nominated, but it is great to know there were many worthy people and owls to be considered 


1/23/2011 - Visit with Coach (Julie) and Signing of Photo Books

Egg Count: It has been posted in the comments that there are now 25 eggs and counting. By the way did you see the commercial for the Winter X-Games (Shaun White and Gretchen Bleiler) where they used two barn owls (they called them snow owls).

The Barn Owl is definately the Bird Of The Year!



1/22/2011 - McGee Sighting

Just a quick note. We haven’t seen much of McGee but last night Donna walked outside and then called me. There was McGee sitting proud on the posing ledge. He sat there for a while as we watched, then he looked around and flew into the box. From what we could hear he had returned for a little anniversary celebration, it was exactly one year ago  (January 21, 2010) that he and Molly showed up.



1/21/2011 - One Year Ago Today

One year ago today was the first time we saw Molly



1/19/2011 - People are beginning to receive their first clutch photo books in the mail



1/19/2011 - Austin gives an Update:



1/18/2011 - Multiple Other Owl Boxes This Year & First Clutch Photo Books Shipped



1/17/2011 - Molly Kicks Out Old Gagshag


"There are many that claim the owl box should be cleaned out between broods but as this photo taken this morning clearly demonstrates the owls are quite capable to do it themselves. By the way, this is the first photo I have taken since becoming ill three weeks ago; I just have not felt good. Hopefully, I am on my way to recovery. It felt wonderful to get some sunshine and fresh air this morning."

"Several have asked if Molly has any eggs since the owl box in Oceanside has two eggs. I don’t know, I don’t have any of the cameras are hooked up, but I don’t think so because Molly is standing up in the photo I took this morning and is more to the front of the box. By the way the owl box site in Oceanside is wonderful; it looks like they are taking the broadcast to the next level. Excellent owl box, excellent cameras, looks like HD and they seem to be wonderful people."  This camera is also being broadcast at SPO -




1/14/2011 - The first copy of Molly and McGee, The World’s Most Famous Barn Owls, Photography by Carlos Royal has arrived by air. 

"Eric Blehm and Elizabeth Campillo did a wonderful job on the design and layout of the book. I am amazed at the skill in which Eric blended quotes into the book that brings in the emotions so many felt as they watch Molly and McGee...As far as I know your copies are schedule to arrive sometime around January 20th, for me to sign. I will keep you posted." Carlos



1/10/2011 - From Carlos: No Broadcast of Molly & McGee in 2011

Posted on Molly's Box by Carlos:  We will not be broadcasting The Owl Box in 2011. Last year, when Molly showed up, Donna and I put our plans on hold while we broadcast The Owl Box. We have decided not to do that this year because at our age (closing in on 70) we do not believe it is a good idea to put ones dreams on hold. Molly was a once in a lifetime event and we will never forget her or the wonderful people we met because of her....For the complete blog, click on the link:




1/6/2011 - Molly Makes Top 10 News Story List 2010

This link lists several end of year news articles on Molly. Molly and McGee, the first clutch photography book, is expected to be ready for  Carlos to sign on January 20th, the same day as the expected arrival date of Eric’s new baby.



12/29/2010 - Wedding Photos plus Molly Update

Several have asked about wedding photos so here are a few. The weather cleared up and the sun broke through just as the wedding ceremony was about to start. It was a beautiful wedding and a day to remember. 

Molly and McGee Update:  The rain has returned and we saw Molly in the box last night standing at the door.



12/26/2010-Wedding plus After Christmas Sale 10% to 60% OFF



12/25/2010 - Merry Christmas



12/23/2010 - The Wedding Tent Goes up

The wedding tent went up this morning. Rehearsal is this afternoon. As you can see the weather looks very stormy but at the moment we have a 60% chance that it will just be cloudy on the wedding day December 26th.

Molly and McGee Update:  We did see Molly this morning looking out the box. She was like all the neighbors; they just want to see what's going on.



12/22/2010 Count Downs are On



12/20/2010 - All Things Owl - Photo of Owl Collector's Christmas Tree



12/19/2010 - Carlos & Donna's Wedding Anniversary and Update on Molly & McGee

Donna and I celebrate our 49th Wedding Anniversary today.  If you want to know our wedding story just listen to Suds In the Bucket by Sara Evens. http://www.cmt.com/videos/sara-evans/59462/suds-in-the-bucket.jhtml

Molly and McGee Update: We have no cameras hooked up but last night I needed to get some things out of the RV garage. It was
raining and dark so I grabbed a flashlight, as I passed the owl box Ishined the light up on the box and sure enough there was McGee standing in the door looking out at me.





12/17/2010 - Carlos Update - Molly’s Story is closing in on 4,000 DVDs Sold
The last time we saw Molly she was in the box but did not have any eggs. We have not seen her since we disconnected the cameras. I have checked at night, but I have not been able to catch her outside the box. We assume she is still staying in the box but we don’t know for sure.



Thursday, December 16, 2010 12:00 am - North County Times - Jeff Frank         Audubon honor has Molly fans hooting


Delivery Status For Molly & McGee Photo Book (the first clutch)


12/15/2010 - Signed DVD on sale


Last Chance Before Christmas Sale


12/13/2010 - Barn Owl Wins California Audubon Bird of the Year

California Audubon … the Barn Owl

That’s right, voters from all around the state have named the Barn Owl Audubon California’s 2010 Bird of the Year. The Barn Owl won as a write-in candidate. Watch for our formal announcement tomorrow. Thanks for voting!




12/12/2010 - Owl Box Disconnected for Winter - Update from Carlos

I know one lady said, “Technology, what technology? All you got to do is plug in a camera.”  Today I removed 2,100 feet of cabling, 5 -75 foot extension cords, 2 power USB to Cat -5 power boxes, and that is just the outside cabling. Inside I disconnected 3 computers, 3- 6 socket extension cords with surge protectors, wiring for three internet connections, 3 security camera power supplies, one VCR recorder, 1 security 4 camera recorder and 5 monitors.  We ended up with over 20 million hits and over 13 million unique viewers plus we were on the air 24 hours a day for 8 solid months. I also removed 3-12 foot ladders and 2 infrared spot lights. When I turned off the cameras we had 8 different cameras online for broadcast. I had purchased 15 cameras of which a third have already been trashed. Three computers also failed during the 8 months of none stop broadcasting, 2 had to be replaced and 1 was repaired.  Donna and I worked around the clock to keep the owl box up and running along with a great bunch of Moderators that never slept to keep the chat room G-rated.   I am not complaining, what I want to say is Gee, that was fun and I was a part of it. But I also want you to know that is was not just plugging in a camera.


We will be rather busy until next year. We have a wedding to get ready for. The camera are off and the cabling has been removed. We can not see what’s going on inside the box.  As you can see fromt he last photo there are no eggs. 

Thanking you in advance for all your support.



12/9/2010- Update from Carlos

The Owl Box Update: Molly was not in the box yesterday but she is back in the box today.  This seems to be the pattern as they wait for spring. Last year, they started matting around January 21st, so I would not be looking for much action until next year.  Also, we are going to have a wedding in our backyard, so all the cables have to be disconnected and removed because as they are now, they are definitly a trip hazard.  I plan to remove the cables this weekend so not even I will know what is going on inside the owl box.




Book Signing & Bargain Garage Sale for San Diego area MODS - 12/11/2010 and 12/16/2010

Molly The Owl Personalized Book Signing and Holiday Bargains Garage Sale: this Saturday, Dec. 11, in the San Diego Area.
Plus, Meet "The Wizard" at Harlan Jewelers  with Author Eric Blehm next Thursday, Dec. 16.
Click Link for details.


12/7/2010 - Update from Carlos

Molly and McGee were back in the box last night and Molly is in the box today but still no eggs. 




12/5/2010 - Update from Carlos:

Molly and McGee Update: Molly spent the last two days in the box so there was a lot of speculation about a third clutch but the box is empty today.  In the past Molly has laid an egg within 24 days of returning to the box.  McGee ran off Ashley and Carrie on November the 1st, so we should have had some eggs but not so fast. Remember, I said they were not mating. On November 11th, one of the owlets returned until Molly ran her off. So, if we start the clock again, today would be day 24, but Molly is not in the box.  Molly has always been in the box the day she laid the first egg of the new clutch. Oops, I guess all that speculation was for nothing.



Special Sales for Molly Fans!



12/3/2010 - Wedding Bells - No Not Molly & McGee!



12/1/2010 - Molly and McGee Update



Another video by CAR - 11/25/2010

Happy Thanksgiving from the Owlets


From Molly The Owl Books  11/24/2010

Second Clutch and Four Little Owlets LIVE for Pre-order packages



Carlos & Donna off to Hawaii - 11/21/2010



Cameras Shut Down Again 11/20/2010 - 9 pm PST 



New posing ledge installed 11/19/2010

Carlos put up one new photo posing ledge, then took  it down and to make improvements.  He went up and unscrewed the first one he put up. Reports are  he cut the one bar off, and screwed it back into the landing pad. It is not on a pole. It is screwed onto the far side of the landing pad!

Photo of Carlos putting up the first posing ledge


Photo of newly installed posing ledge


Photo of McGee on new second posing ledge 



Posing Ledge falls 11/18/2010 6:04 pm PST - DVD shipments delayed.

One owl had just landed on photo ledge when second one landed on very end sending it to the ground.


Kathryn R's photo




Vote Molly Bird of the Year -  Audubon California - Vote for "Barn Owl"

Revised instructions - http://mollysbox.wordpress.com/2010/11/17/vote-molly-bird-of-the-year-2/

Original Instructionshttp://mollysbox.wordpress.com/2010/11/17/vote-molly-bird-of-the-year/


11/16/2010 Live chat with Eric for updates on his products.   

Summary of Eric & Carlos' comments


Video of the Broadcast




Free Molly Howliday Ornament!




Eric Announces new line of items from Molly The Owl Books including Second Clutch Coffee Table Book


11/13-11/14/2010  - Molly & McGee Hanging Around the Owl Box


The live streaming video was turned on the afternoon of 11/13 and left on through the night.OB1 shows the outside view of the owl box and OB2 is the outside view of the kestrel box.  Molly & McGee came back and there was quite a bit of activity in and around the owl box during the night. One of the owlets, possibly Carrie, may have also stopped by. Carlos plans to leave the cameras on for at least another day and night.



Post Update Blog by Carlos:



Carlos' Update - Saturday, November 14 at 9 am PST
First part  http://bit.ly/dvy74O  
Second part  http://bit.ly/d3a70g

Summary (complied from the notes of Chris in Olympia WA, PurdyFarmsBecky, and Cinda Browne):

After the cameras shut down, Carlos and Donna left for their HS reunion and were gone for 3 days. When they came back, Carrie was still hanging around the box.  Then they left for a week or so RVing and they returned again. On Halloween night, Ashley and Carrie were on fledge ledge. Ashley flew off. Molly came and chased Carrie off. That would have been day 86, and day 85 was when the first clutch was chased off.   Then Carrie came back a few nights ago. She was on the landing pad, then the roof. McGee flew in and was talking to her. Then Molly flew in and knocked Carrie off the roof. No sign of Carrie since then.  No signs of bonding. Last night it got down to 38 degrees, and M&M both stayed in the owl box all night, and were gone this morning.  Molly and McGee are still hanging around the box. Carlos thinks they will wait until January to start 3rd clutch.  He is not going to start braodcasting again right now. They are leaving in a couple of days for Hawaii. When they get back they will be busy, then a couple more trips.

Carlos has 3 cameras now on the Kestrel box. This morning a Red Shouldered Hawk was on the Kestrel box. Callie the Kestrel is still looking for a mate.  

The mayor of San Marcos gave Austin a proclamation and a plaque for his work with the owl box and raising money for the San Marcos Community Foundation on Tuesday, Nov. 9th.  Donna and Carlos were invited to a luncheon by the North County Philanthropy Council on Friday, Nov. 12th and were awarded the 2010 San Marcos Volunteers of the year award.  


Tune in Tuesday, Nov. 16th, at 9:00 am PST for live chat with Eric for updates on his products.
Austin has sold 2,996 DVDs. They are on sale now for $19.95.  http://www.austin4media.com/
If you would like Barbara Allen's Molly Songs on a CD, email her at barlyowl@aol.com.  

                 Info email Becky got from her             http://js-kit.com/blob/wILzl6vsGHzwnT20xx1SYx.png

 CD of all three Molly songs: the original Molly Song, plus Molly Was Her Name and Wesley's Lesson (You're Gonna Fly)  is $8 + $2.29 package/postage.  Part of the proceeds goes to the school (the children sing on Molly Song) and part to the San Marcos Foundation. Add $.50 postage for each extra CD if you want more than one. If you would also like the Child Inside CD, the one Carlos shows on the broadcast from time to time, it is $15 plus $.50 extra postage mailed with the Molly CD. No PayPal necessary. It's fine to pay by check.  This is just for people who are not the download types.  Send payment with your request and phone number in case she needs to call.  Barbara Allen,  223 West Rocks Road,  Norwalk CT  06851. 


purdyfarmsBecky,WA Stats on Carlos' Chat  
Chat notes  
Picture of Announcement about Update
Empty Owl Box  
Red Shouldered Hawk  
From Cheryl Owen  
Recordings of chat (Thank you Chris!)  
Part 1  http://bit.ly/dvy74O   
Part 2  http://bit.ly/d3a70g



Vacadude update:

Vacadude has a DVD coming out now with:  
A collection of the owl box art of John Atkinson (otherwise known as VacaDude in the owl box community). Includes video version of "A MOD's Journal", slide shows, videos, and some bonus goodies! (Will be shipping in mid November, 2010)  
Includes Kyle the Karrot!! And Johnny & the Horkers, along with a Karaoke version!




Carlos' announcement about update: http://mollysbox.wordpress.com/2010/11/10/pre-holiday-sale-coming/

More Sale info



Molly & Carrie jigsaw puzzle



Owlet Lullaby by Deb in Thailand






Molly the Owl Halloween Mask




Final Group E-Card SPO MODs sent to Sportsman's Paradise Online:  http://www.groupcard.com/c/xvAUZTcuJwu

SPO's Thank you to the chat room..



10/20 - 10/21 Final Final Overnight stats and activities

6:04 pm PDT  Donna and Carlos start their farewell
6:24 pm PDT  Cameras fade to black
6:33 pm PDT  He's back! Carlos comes back for one more thing
7:05 pm PDT  Reruns of farewell start on OB1
10:04 pm PDT  Chris posts her pun of the day
               Two peanuts were walking in a tough neighborhood and one of them was a-salted
3:02 am PDT  Annie posts her coffee, just like normal, along with tissues
5:27 pm PDT  Joan posts she is still lurking and asks for pictures, oops

Please don't forget to sign the Ecard for SportsmansParadiseOnline (SPO)
This card is for SPO, not Donna and Carlos

Thanks to all MODs for always being here for each other
Thanks to SPO for providing a great chat room

Today, Thursday, October 21st...
The first day with no cameras
The Daily Hork  http://www.dailyhork.com/
Pictures, videos, and info on 2nd clutch on the Wiki  http://bit.ly/2ndclutchwiki
Funny pictures of Ashley and Carrie  http://www.flickr.com/photos/54336709@N06/with/5091388991/
OB2 video recordings http://bit.ly/OB2videos
Molly's Blog  http://mollysbox.wordpress.com/blog/
Recording of Carlos' farewell  http://bit.ly/bf0O6b


The Daily Hork : Over & Out : DAILYHORKOwlBoxEmpty.pdf

Molly's Blog: http://mollysbox.wordpress.com/2010/10/21/free-goodies-will-return/


Glowz says Good Bye in his own way   by VacaDude http://js-kit.com/blob/IEQeQMoWra_iYFDWeDk_Nx.jpg


Carlos' last chat, cameras off...6:00 pm PDT Wednesday 10/20

Video of the Final farewell   http://www.ustream.tv/recorded/10321700

PDF of the chat room   Wed 10/20/10 11:30ish am to 7:20ish pm PDT - Carlos Final Farewell - Good Bye!  


CAR's video:  Carrie REALLY Needs Coffee and a donut... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Qt3jo_KO4dg


PDF of the chatrrom from 2:24 am PDT until 7:11 am PDT 10/20/2010  Live Owl Nest Box Cam10-20-10 amsmaller.pdf


Carrie flies off 10/20/2010 6:33 am PDT http://www.ustream.tv/recorded/10311454



Carrie in box just before leavinhttp://js-kit.com/blob/m_zuUpoxyPT0iuIb5OhqDx.jpg


Last of Broadcast, Last Day of Sale     http://mollysbox.wordpress.com/2010/10/20/last-of-broadcast-last-day-of-sale/


10/19 - 10/20  Final  Overnight stats and activities 
Owl box weather...Rain and/or  hail overnight  
6:42 pm PDT  Carrie out of box  
6:44 pm PDT  Carrie on fly about (2 mins)  
7:10 pm PDT  Owl fly over  
7:30 pm PDT  Carrie back in box  
10:43 pm PDT Carrie out on ledge
10:45 -47 pm PDT Carrie flyabout then back to roof
10:51 - 56 pm PDT Carrie flyabout  back to ledge
1:25 -39 am PDT Carrie  Flyabout
4:09-17 am PDT Carrie Flyabout
5:20 - 31 am PDT Carrie flyabout
6:28 am PDT Carrie in box
6:33 am PDT Carrie flies off   http://bit.ly/9kwHyQ
Carrie has been inside the box or on the ledges  (several fly-abouts, no deliveries, she had leftovers).  OB1 off air for a period of time in the night


Today, Wednesday, October 20th...  
Ashley is 74 days old  
Carrie is 73 days old 


Carrie Royal sitting in the rain 10/19/2010  11:36 pm PDT    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JWJvlugGes0



10/18 - 10/19  Overnight stats and activities - Carrie in the box but OB1 is down
6:28 pm PDT  Carrie back at owl box, inside briefly  
9:19 pm PDT  Several owl fly overs  
10:27 pm PDT  Carrie on fly about (5 mins)  
10:43 pm PDT  Molly delivery of big rat to Carrie   http://bit.ly/adkLud      http://bit.ly/boZZ2D
11:44 pm PDT  McGee with mouse http://bit.ly/bZc6Nj
10:55 - 11:11 pm PDT OB2 not live, Carrie inside box when back live  
1:26 am PDT  Delivery, HUGE, Carrie took it into box at 5:17 am PDT  http://bit.ly/9PWjxk
5:20 am Ashley visits while Carrie eats and Carrie chases her off
6:06 -6:09 am PDT Carries flies off and returns
6:44 am PDT Carrie back in box


OB1 - all cameras down, OB2 not working well either - due to thunderstorm, rain & lightening


Ustream Stats:


3 treats, 1 marinated and munched on.  Bad Storm caused a quickie box cover run, but showers made for a great playtime. No sound – make up your own story LOL

ChocoMare for RodentiaNet.  Molly with a rat @10:43 eaten on the Plateform.  11:44 McGee with mouse, eaten inside. Then HUGE rat @1:23- set aside & later eaten @4:56a (1/2 outside, rest placed in pantry).
ChocoMare for KOWL Weather: Thunder & lightning began about 2am which scared Carrie into box, but she came out later & played, pounced, flapped in rain; OB1 cam & sound fried @ 2:15 by lightning
ChocoMare for KOWL XXtra! At 5:20, Ashley visited while Carrie nommed her Rat inside. Ashley tried to approach the box, but Carrie lunged out the door @ shrieked at her to leave, which Ashley did fast!!!


Newest T-Shirt designhttp://mollysbox.wordpress.com/2010/10/19/gee-that-was-fun/


The Owl Box Rocks by Johnnny & the Horkers - By Vacadude    http://www.ustream.tv/recorded/9847562


Carrie returns again 10/18/2010 6:28:32 pm PDT  http://js-kit.com/blob/cUYRQlYM_4MH6HMoOcKWBT.png


10/17 - 10/18  Overnight stats and activities - Carrie is out of the box for the day
6:32 pm PDT  Carrie returns to the box after day out  
7:23 pm PDT  Carries flies off  
7:28 pm PDT  Carrie back to box  
OB2 is not IR camera. Very hard to see action  
7:48 pm PDT  Delivery and/or visitor to box  
 3.28am PDT  Delivery Rodent  
5.34am PDT  Carrie brief flyabout (2 mins)
6:31 am PDT Carries jumps to landing pad, to ladder, and then disappears     

Carrie has left for the day - From the photo ledge to the landing pad for a bit of pouncing practice, then to the ladder for a minute, and finally off to the Palmz.  http://js-kit.com/blob/PuuMYfv81D7ddwRloBIIfE.png



Ustream Stats


 Carrie came back – food at 7:30P and 3:27 am (both possibly aLive), and unknown visits off camera by family noted and heard

Pictures, video, and PDF of the picnic  http://bit.ly/picniconwiki 


Please sign the Thank You card for Sportsmans Paradise Online (SPO) that Joan S set up for us!




10/17/2010 - 6:32 pm PDT - Carrie returns to Box after picnic







Molly Watcher's Picnic - Link to photos, videos and Chatstream PDFs

Molly Watcher's Picnic, San Marcos, CA - October 17, 2010


Carlos announces Box is Empty  http://mollysbox.wordpress.com/2010/10/17/picnic-empty-box-sale-coming/

PDF of Chat after Carrie leaves  the box - 10/17/201 AM  SPOChat10-17-10a.pdf


10/16 - 10/17  Overnight stats and activities - Carrie out of the box for the day 
Owl Box Weather...Light mist and fog overnight again      
6:38 pm PDT  Carrie out    
6:46 pm PDT  Carrie on fly about (2 mins)    
7:10 pm PDT  Owl fly overs    
7:13 pm PDT  Molly on ledge briefly. No food    
7:47 pm PDT  Carrie back in box
9:46 pm PDT  Carrie out
11:00 pm PDT Carrie back in box
11:52 PM PDT Carrie on porch watching something on ground and making nasty noises
12:56 am PDT  Carrie on fly about (11 mins)  
5:22 am PDT  Delivery, mouse  
6:32 am PDT  Carrie flies off for day  
Both owlets are out of the box today
Thanks to all MODs that posted stats!  

Today, Sunday, October 17th  
Ashley is 71 days old  
Carrie is 70 days old  
Video  Carrie's food delivery  http://bit.ly/Carriesfood  
Picnic in San Marcos today. 2 - 5 pm PDT on OB1


Ustream Stats

KOWL Food & Fly Factz

At 5:22 McGee delivered a large mouse to Carrie. She chowed it down in the blink of an eye.   At 6:32 Carrie decided to join the family and headed off to the park for the picnic!


Free Molly The Owl Paper ToyMTO_PaperToy.pdf

Ruthie's Word search  Ruthies Word Search.pdf


October 17th Molly Watchers Picnic



Interview with Eric Blehm - Saturday, 10/16/2010, 9:00 am PDT

Video of Live chat with Eric Blehm announcing new products out November 15th  http://bit.ly/b4zHwj

Includes baby board book, new t-shirts, mugs, bookmarks, Tauntz finger puppet,  and keychain.

1% of all Molly The owl Books sales in November will go to Barn owl to Barn owl charity projects


10/15 - 10/16  Overnight stats and activities - Carrie alone in the box for the day
Owl Box Weather...light rain and mist  
6:50 pm PDT  Ashley out of box  
7:31 pm PDT  Carrie out briefly  
8:28 pm PDT  Carrie out briefly  
8:49 pm PDT  Carrie out  
1:53 am PDT  Ashley on fly about (4 mins)  
6:24 am PDT  Ashley away for the day  
6:47 am PDT  Carrie flies off  
6:53 am PDT  Carrie back for the day 
Both owlets may have received food that was not seen on camera

Owl Box Weather...light rain and mist overnight again  
Thanks to all the MODs who posted stats!

Today, Saturday, October 16th...  
Ashley is 70 days old  
Carrie is 69 days old  


 Ashley Flies Off Early Morning 10/16/2010   http://www.ustream.tv/recorded/10237183

Carlos's photos:  http://mollysbox.wordpress.com/2010/10/16/ashley-and-carrie-go-to-palm-tree/


New Free download:    A Horking We Will Go - Song Parodies


10/15/2010 - Carlos came on and responded to the worry warts - Summary by JT:

  • Carrie Horked = food  http://www.flickr.com/photos/50638720@N07/5083605517/
  • Carrie belined to Palm Tree = she got fed by M or M 
  • Confirmed Carries Hork = food 
  • "This is Nature and the Fittest will survive"  
  • "These are wild owls and he WILL NOT go out there and feed them mice"  
  • "Trusts Mom and Dad know what to do"  
  • "Death is what death is........."  
  • "If you can't WATCH nature then don't watch it......"  
  • "In nature the fittest survive................"  
  • "If you can't handle watching Nature then I suggest you don't"  
  • "both owlets appear to be very healthy and very active......."  
  • "the biggest owl will get the treat  
  • "Carrie has been Actively trying to get treats  
  • "Not everything that goes on out there is Seen on Camera"


Carlos's photos - Ashley in Palm Tree: http://mollysbox.wordpress.com/2010/10/15/ashley-in-palm-tree/


10/14 - 10/15  Overnight stats and activities - Both Owlets in the nest box for the day.
4:42 & 5:36 pm PDT  Carrie out briefly before dark  (see below for photos)

4:42 pm PDT http://bit.ly/cLdknc  

5:36 pm PDT http://bit.ly/bdkrHK 

6:42 pm PDT  Ashley back to box after spending day out  
7:15 pm PDT  Ashley out of box 
7:19 pm PDT  Carrie out of box

12:15 am PDT Molly delivers rat - Ashley ends up with it after a brief skirmish

1:14 am PDT Ashley flies in with a rodent, source  unknown--lands on roof, then playground.  

Carrie tries to take it away from her but Ashley prevails and flies away with it.

Damp and heavy mist overnight. Might have affected hunting

Both owlets have been off camera during the night and Carlos says she went to the palm tree and was possibly fed there.

Thanks to overnight MODs and Thank you Chris in Oly and Melissa for the pictures! 


Today, Friday, October 15th...  
Ashley is 69 days old  
Carrie is 68 days old  


10/14/2010 - Carrie hears a noise on the roofd

Carrie looking out Door - Callie the kestrel on roof - 4:41 pm PDT  http://js-kit.com/blob/9vqwyi1jiXy0E2PZarH5l1.jpg

Carrie on Porch - 4:42 pm PDT http://js-kit.com/blob/azfEqSpsk2k_RXUDshKHMa.jpg

And out again at 5:36 pm PDT   http://picasaweb.google.com/coach30.30/October12NightTime#5528065546709188786





Fabric by Vacadude   http://www.spoonflower.com/fabric/356945


Grant requests sought by San Marcos Community Foundation - mentions the Royals  


   http://www.ci.san-marcos.ca.us/index.aspx? page=24&recordid=351&returnURL=/index.aspx




10/13 - 10/14  Overnight stats and activities - Ashley spending day outside the box
5:55 pm PDT  Last miner, Luis Roberto Urzua, is last miner brought out of Chilean mine.  
                      Chat room goes crazy!  
6:59 pm PDT  Ashley out  
7:01 pm PDT  Carrie out  
8:32 pm PDT  Last rescue worker, Manuel Gonzalez, brought out of Chilean mine  
8:36 pm PDT  Delivery, mouse or small rat, Ashley on perch
11:54pm PDT Delivery, large rat, Ashley on photo ledge      
6:29 am PDT Ashley flew off, and is spending the day outside of the box
6:30 - 39 am PDT Carrie out looking for Ashley - goes to roof and portrait ledge before returning to box
Thanks to overnight MODs

Two deliveries SEEN but both owlets had flyabouts off camera so they likely received treats  then. Carrie definitely took a real flight into the sky.


PDF of the chat room from about 10 am PDT to about 11:30 pm PDT during the second day of the Chilean miners rescue.



Ashley Gets Treat Flies To Ladder 8:36 pm PDT

Carrie flies to the ladder to share the treat 8:42 pm PDT

Ashley get second treat flies off with it 11:54 pm PDT

Video of Ashley’s “Harrier Jet” Roof-Top Antics before leaving for the day:  6 am PDT


Owlet's Magical Morning by CARhttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A_d34bVPkSU


Per Carlos: Ashley Fledged, Carrie alone in the Owl Box





10/12 - 10/13  Overnight stats and activities 
7:12 pm PDT  Ashley out, several fly abouts  
7:24 pm PDT  Carrie out, flies around playground 

8:11 pm PDT  First miner brought out of Chilean mine  
                     Chat room goes crazy!  
9:05 pm PDT  Delivery, mouse, to Ashley on ledge
12:59 am PDT Delivery, mouse, to Ashley on ledge    
OB2 has been out for much of the night  - but I don't know when exactly it went out. Didn't come back on until daylight.

Thanks to all MODs that posted stats   

Today, Wednesday, October 13th...   
Ashley is 67 days old   
Carrie is 66 days old   
Ashley went on several fly abouts  
Carrie flew around the playground


Carlos's photos from last night :  http://mollysbox.wordpress.com/2010/10/13/last-day-of-sale-15-off/  

Carlos ecard  http://www.groupcard.com/c/TKvSysKH3Lc


Quilt made by Deb MacKay displayed at San Diego Quilt Show
Photo by RuthRings


Group photo of the book signing:   http://www.flickr.com/photos/17540124@N02/5068435289/in/photostream/



Coming in November: The Four Little Owlets - board book  http://www.flickr.com/photos/17540124@N02/5069042608/


Chris Adams (Illustrator)  10 am , Tuesday, 10/12/2010 http://www.ustream.tv/recorded/10161187   

Some articles on Chris:  
‘Molly the Owl’ e-book illustrator hails from Shoreview  http://www.minnpost.com/artsarena/2010/04/14/17342/
Local illustrates owl book  http://www.presspubs.com/articles/2010/04/26/shoreview_press/news/doc4bd6403e376fc703292233.txt

Possible Second Clutch Coffee Table Book:  Send an email to eric@mollytheowlbooks.com   with "Second Clutch" in the subject line if you want a Second Clutch coffee table book. Eric would need to get 1000 emails in order to decide to do one.


10/11 - 10/12  Overnight stats and activities 
6:51 pm PDT  Carrie out (16 mins)  
6:52 pm PDT  Ashley out and on fly abouts  
6:57 pm PDT  Carrie goes to photo ledge, then playground  
7:39 pm PDT  Carrie out  
7:47 pm PDT  Carrie slips going from platform to porch  


8:05 pm PDT  Carrie flies back to roof  
8:06 pm PDT  Carrie slips off roof  
8:07 pm PDT  McGee delivers rodent, Ashley, she takes to box  
8:25 pm PDT  Carrie back to box. OB2 was on Kestrel box  
8:59 pm PDT  McGee delivers mouse to Carrie, Ashley may have then taken it. Both owlets in box  
9:31 pm PDT  Ashley out  
10:40  pm PDT  Ashley on fly about (74 mins)    
11:59 pm PDT  Carrie out  
12:53 am PDT  Delivery, Ashley. Both owlets on ledge  
2:44 am PDT  Ashley on fly about (15 mins)
Thanks to overnight MODs


Today, Tuesday, October 12th...  
Ashley is 66 days old  
Carrie is 65 days old 


Carlos's Photos of the events of the night   http://mollysbox.wordpress.com/2010/10/12/carrie-can-fly/


Ustream Stats
ChocoMare for RodentiaNet- Ever-faithful McGee gave the 1st rat to Ashley on the Photoledge, with big Rat 50 mins later for Carrie at the door. Hours later, he handed off a wee mouse to Ashley.

ChocoMare for KOWL–Ashley took a few perfect flights. Carrie, not so much. She did make it to Box roof twice but flapped to the ground both times during dismount! Ashley kept her company. Both home safely

ChocoMare for KOWL XTra–Drama @The Owl Box! The Royals reported a cat in the yard. Mrs R provided the play-by-play as McGee The Mighty, from atop the ladder, repeatedly screeched @Catz who wisely left



10/10 - 10/11  Overnight stats and activities  - Carrie left porch first time - CARRIE"S FIRST FLIGHT
 6:52 - 7:14 pm PDT  Ashley out, on fly abouts (21 mins)  
6:59 - 7:05 pm PDT  Carrie out (6 mins)  
7:31 pm PDT  Ashley out  
7:55 - 8:00 pm PDT  Carrie out (5 mins) 
 8:24 pm PDT  McGee delivers mouse, Ashley, outside

8:27 - 8:37 pm PDT  Carrie out (10 mins)  
8:50 pm PDT  Carrie out
 9:41 pm PDT  McGee delivers mouse, Ashley, outside  
10:44 pm PDT  McGee delivers rodent, Ashley, outside  
11:09 pm PDT  McGee delivers rodent, Ashley, outside  
 4:46 am PDT  Delivery of rodent to Ashley outside, Carrie goes down to landing pad to investigate  
 4:59 am PDT  Delivery of mouse to Ashley outside who takes into box, Carrie goes back to box also 


Ashley has been on many flyabouts and Carrie has made it to the landing pad and back up to the box tonight. 


Carlos's announcement of Carrie's first flight  http://mollysbox.wordpress.com/2010/10/11/carrie-makes-it-to-landing-pad/


Ustream Stats

ChocoMare for KOWL.

While Ashley took a few flyabouts, Carrie sat. THEN @4:55a Carrie flap-hop-flew to the Plateform! Sat for 3-5 mins-then climb/flapped up Fledgeledge & shot back in the door!



10/9 - 10/10  Overnight stats and activities 

6:59 - 7:03 pm PDT  Ashley out (4 mins)  
7:46 pm PDT  Ashley out  
7:50 - 7:59 pm PDT  Ashley on fly abouts (9 mins)  
8:00 pm PDT  Ashley in  
8:29 - 8:34 pm PDT  Ashely out (5 mins)  
8:59 pm PDT  Ashley out
11:42 pm PDT Carrie out  for over an hour
11:47- 11:50 pm PDT Ashley flies off and returns
12:58am PDT McGee with rodent to Ashley on ledge 
1:20 am PDT  Owl on photo ledge
2:10 - 2:23 am PDT  Ashley on fly about (13 mins)    
3:20 am PDT  Carrie out
3:35am PDT Molly/McGee? delivers rodent to Ashley outside  

3:35 am PDT Carrie's porch recovery http://bit.ly/cV81Ul


Ashley went on four short flyabouts during the night
Thanks to overnight MODs 


10/8 - 10/9  Overnight stats and activities 

7:00 pm PDT  Ashley out (30 mins)       
7:10 pm PDT  Carrie out (4 mins)         
7:21 pm PDT  Ashley fly about (3 mins)  
7:39 pm PDT  Ashley out (30 mins)  
8:23 pm PDT  Ashley out  
8:30 pm PDT  McGee delivers huge rodent, Ashley outside  
8:33 pm PDT  Carrie out (21 mins)  
8:56 pm PDT  Ashley takes food into box           
9:59 pm PDT  McGee delivers mouse, Carrie in box         
11:35 pm PDT  McGee delivers mouse, Ashley in box         
12:27 am PDT  Ashley fly about (7 mins)  
12:49 am PDT  Carrie out (51 mins)         
2:09 am PDT  Molly rodent to Ashley  
2:22 am PDT  Carrie out (18 mins)         
4:26 am PDT  Molly/McGee? delivers rodent, Ashley outside   
4:57 am PDT  Ashley takes food into box

Thanks to all MODs for posting stats  

Today, Saturday, October 9th...  
Ashley is 63 days old  
Carrie is 62 days old  
Ashley and Carrie got lots of food delivered overnight  
Carrie still has not flown  
Carlos signing books...http://bit.ly/carlosbooksigning 

Carlos's photos:  http://mollysbox.wordpress.com/2010/10/09/mcgee-in-palm-tree/


10/8/2010 -  Carlos & the gang signing  4,232 Molly The Owl Books




10/7 - 10/8  Overnight stats and activities  
7:01 pm PDT Ashley out  
7:06 - 7:11 pm PDT  Ashley on fly about  
7:10 - 7:48 pm PDT Carrie out  
7:48 pm PDT Food delivery fumble  http://bit.ly/9p6prl
7:55 pm PDT Molly delivers large rodent to Ashley, Ashley ends up below  
8:42 pm PDT Molly delivers huge rodent, Carrie  
8:48 pm PDT Ashley back to box  (107 mins)
9:01 pm PDT McGee delivers mouse, Ashley  
11:58 pm PDT  Molly on roof of box. (8 mins)  
1:16 am PDT Molly on roof of box (very briefly)  
3:57 am PDT Molly on ledge (2 mins)  
5:10 am PDT McGee delivers mouse


Today, Friday, October 8th...  
Ashley is 62 days old  
Carrie is 61 days old  
Carlos' pictures...http://mollysbox.wordpress.com/blog/  


Ustream Stats

couleedam: KOWL Nightly Edition:

7:55 Ashley knocks over Momma for a big treat; 8:40 Molly lugs in a huge rat for Carrie in the box, 8:48 Ash makes her way back into box & at 9:01 McGee hands Ash another treat


10/7/2010 - 7:48 -8:48 pm PDT

PeeWees's video - OLW BRINGS FOOD, ASHLEY COLIDES http://www.youtube.com/user/PeeWee33907#p/a/u/0/M5E3e14jWWk

Carlos's rewind video - Ashley and Molly Collision - Contains both the 7:48 fumble and the 7:55 tussle where Ashley ends up in the branches


Carlos's longer video of evening - Carrie Gets A Rat Ashley Returns     http://www.ustream.tv/recorded/1006209



10/6 - 10/7  Overnight stats and activities  
6:59 - 7:04 pm PDT Ashley out, flies around 'playground' (5 mins)  
7:32 - 7:40 pm PDT Ashley out, flies around 'playground' (8 mins)  
8:13 - 11:18 pm PDT  Ashley out of box   (186 mins)
8:14 pm PDT  Owls fly over a few times  
9:33 pm PDT  Molly lands on photo ledge. Ashley flies over and off with her.  
                     Ashley returns to landing pad soon after.  
9:43 - 9:45 pm PDT  Carrie out (2 mins)  
9:58 - 11:18 pm PDT  Carrie out of box   (80 mins)
10:12 pm PDT  Several owl fly overs  
11:06 pm PDT  Molly delivers mouse, Ashley  
11:12 pm PDT  McGee delivers rodent, Carrie  
11:18 pm PDT  Ashley and Carrie back in box
2:30 - 6:10 pm PDT Ashley out
5:51 - 5:57 pm PDT Carrie out

Ustream Stats

ChocoMare for KOWL Outside-The-Box.
Ashley had her 1st intentional flyoff: ^roof towards the east @3:35a, back @3:45 with perfect landings to roof, then ledge, then porch. Carrie out twice, on porch.


Carlos Photoshttp://mollysbox.wordpress.com/2010/10/07/ashley-takes-off-carries-out/


Newest VacaDude Cartoon Posted!  “Molly Coaxes Carrie”  http://www.vacadude.com/data/SlingshotFinal.pdf


Today, Thursday, October 7th...  
Ashley is 61 days old  
Carrie is 60 days old  
Ashley did a lot of flying around the 'playground'. Also did a fly about away from the box.  
Carrie spent more time out of the box, but hasn't flown yet. 



10/5 - 10/6  Overnight stats and activities 
7:08 pm PDT  Ashley out, briefly  
7:26 pm PDT  Owls fly over  
7:27 - 7:35 pm PDT  Ashley out (8 mins)  
7:37 pm PDT  Owls fly over       
7:51 pm PDT  Ashley out, briefly  
8:20 - 8:22 pm PDT Ashley out (2 mins)  
10:00 - 10:27 am PDT Ashley out (27 mins) includes hork  (11 mins into video)  -   http://bit.ly/Ashley-Flight-Training
1:19 am PDT Molly rodent to Ashley on porch     
1:23 am PDT Carrie to porch with Ashley   
2:04 am PDT Ashley in (41 mins)  
2:06 am PDT Carrie in (43 mins out)  
3:00 - 3:13 am PDT Ashley out of box (13 mins)  
3:02 am - 3:07 am PDT Carrie out of box (5 mins)
4:37 Ashley to porch, roof then photo ledge (15 mins)      
4:47 Carrie to porch  (3 mins)
5:53-6:19 pm PDT Ashley out of box (26 mins)

Thanks to overnight MODs  


10/5/2010 - 10:00 pm PDT - Ashley in Flight Training & Hork from Portrait ledge  http://www.ustream.tv/recorded/10025777


Today, Wednesday, October 6...  
Ashley is 60 days old  
Carrie is 59 days old  
Ashley did a lot of flying between the porch and photo ledge and landing pad  
Carrie stepped out of the box, but did no flying 



10/4 - 10/5  Overnight stats and activities  
6:55 pm PDT  Owl on mister, briefly. Fly-bys, M&M  
10:45 pm PDT Ashley returns!!!   http://bit.ly/Ashleysreturn   
12:24 am PDT McGee Rodent to Carrie   
1:54 - 2:09 am PDT  Ashley out of box (15 mins)  
4:14 am PDT  Molly on mister, briefly  
4:17 - 4:27 am PDT  Ashley out of box (10 mins)
Thanks to all MODs for posting stats!  

Today, Tuesday, October 5...  
Ashley is 59 days old  
Carrie is 58 days old  
Carlos' pictures - http://mollysbox.wordpress.com/blog/  
Ashley's return - http://bit.ly/Ashleysreturn  


Ustream Stats

ChocoMare for RodentiaNet “All The Rodent News, That’s Fit To Print”–

Since Carrie still isn’t up to departing, McGee faithfully brought her a big mouse at 12:23. Ashley likely ate “out” at Rodent House  
ChocoMare with a KOWL Outside The Box Report-

Ashley The Overachiever returned from at 10:45 landing with a resounding PLOP on the roof and to the roar of the crowd! Out 3x more-in currently.

Ashley Returns!!  10/4/2010 10:45 pm PDT   http://www.ustream.tv/recorded/10009017




10/4/2010 - Videos of Carlos

Carlos talks about Ashley being out of the box for the first time           


"Oh, and one more thing" about Ashley out of box     



More Free stuff:  Owl Box Lexicon Edition 2


10/3 - 10/4  Overnight stats and activities - and ASHLEY"S FRST FLIGHT 
7:03 pm PDT  Ashley out for first time  
7:10 - 7:16 pm PDT  Molly on ledge, calling  
7:19 - 7:35 pm PDT  Ashley out (16 mins)  
7:45 - 7:58 pm PDT  Ashley out (18 mins)
9:54 - 10:28 pm PDT Ashley out (34 mins)
10:22 - 10:29 pm PDT Carrie out (7 mins)
11.34pm PDT Ashleys first leap!      
11.43pm PDT Ashleys first flight into Mimosa      
11.49pm PDT McGee Mouse to Carrie      
11.49pm PDT Ashley flew back into box      
3.01am PDT Ashley back on playground      
3.11am PDT Ashley misjudges return to Box

Ashley out of the box for the day 



Ustream Stats

ChocoMare for KOWL with an “Outside The Box” report

Ashley, The Overachiever, took 1st Real Flight @11:22p to landing pad/tree, 2nd to landing pad @3:01, out of camera view @3:11 & stayed out

for the day!!


Ashley Goes to Landing Pad and Back   http://www.ustream.tv/recorded/9993045

MCGEE DELIVERS WHEN ASHLEY OUT    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ijrhZHIk_w8

Ashley leaves and does not return     http://www.ustream.tv/recorded/9997036


10/2 - 10/3  Overnight stats and activities  
7:47 pm PDT  Molly delivers rat, Carrie  
8:03 - 8:22 pm PDT  Molly on mister  
8:25 pm PDT  McGee delivers mouse, Ashley  
3 owls flying around. Molly, McGee and another male owl (Carlos thinks)  
9:54 - 9:58 pm PDT  Ashley out of box (4 mins)  
11:01 - 11:04 pm PDT  Ashley out of box (3 mins)  
11:53 - 12:08 am PDT  Ashley out of box (15 mins)  
12:10 - 12:15 am PDT Ashley out of box (5 mins)  
2:21 - 2:42 am PDT  Ashley out of box (21 mins)  
2:55 - 2:59 am Ashley out of box (4 mins)  
3:03 - 3:16 am PDT  Ashley out of box (13 mins)  
4:48 am PDT  Molly on mister briefly  
5:00 am PDT  Molly on ledge briefly  
5:55 - 6:12 am PDT  Ashley out of box (17 mins)
Thank you to all MODs for posting stats and activities!  

Today, Sunday, October 3...  
Ashley is 57 days old  
Carrie is 56 days old



10/1 - 10/2 Overnight stats and activities - And CARRIE OUT! 
7:07 pm PDT Molly on mister (first sighting)     
 7:14 pm PDT Ashley out 1st time tonight     
 7:17 pm PDT McGee large rodent to Ashley     
 7:47 pm PDT Molly mouse to Ashley     
11:38 pm PDT Molly rodent to Carrie     
 3:02 am PDT McGee rodent to Ashley     
 3:02- 3:06 am PDT - Carrie out for the first time. Link: http://bit.ly/Carriecomesout   
 6:01 am PDT Molly delivers rodent to Ashley on porch

Thank you Cheryl for the link!  
Thank you to all MODs for keeping stats!  

Today, October 2...  
Ashley is 56 days old  
Carrie is 55 days old


Announcement from Carlos on Molly's Blog: http://mollysbox.wordpress.com/2010/10/02/carrie-steps-out-morning-of-day-56/


9/30 - 10/1  Overnight Stats  
7:14 pm PDT  Molly on mister briefly  
7:30 - 7:36 pm PDT Ashley out/in/out/in of box  
9:06 pm PDT  McGee delivers rat, Ashley  
10:14 pm PDT  Molly on mister  
10:39 pm PDT  McGee delivers gopher/rat  
10:52 pm PDT  Ashley out briefly  
11:39 pm PDT  Molly delivers mouse  
1:45 am PDT  McGee delivers mouse, Carrie  
1:45 - 1:50 am PDT  Ashley out of box (5 mins)  
2:12 - 2:33 am PDT  Ashley out of box (21 mins)  
4:54 - 5:05 am PDT  Ashley out of box (11 mins)
Thanks to all MODs for keeping the stats  

Today, Oct 1...  
Ashley is 55 days old  
Carrie is 54 days old



Owlet sings Gilbert and Sullivan



9/29 - 9/30  Overnight Activies - thanks to overnight MODs   
7:31 pm PDT  Molly delivers mouse to Ashley    
8:46 - 8:51 pm PDT  Ashley out of box (6 mins)     
8:51 pm PDT  McGee delivers mouse to Carrie   
8:53 - 9:23 pm PDT  Ashley out of box (30 mins)     
10:17 - 10:30 pm PDT Ashley out box (14 mins)    
10:39 - 11:42 pm PDT Ashley out of box (63 mins)    
11:37 pm PDT McGee delivers to Ashley on porch   
11:51 pm PDT McGee Mouse   
12:06 am PDT Molly Rodent   
1:57 am PDT Ashley back in and out of the box a few times   
4:21 am PDT Molly visits, no treat (was on mister a few minutes before)  
5:04 am PDT McGee delivers rodent
5:47 - 5:49 am PDT Ashley out of box (2 mins)


Ustream Stats

Just The Factz Food & Fly Report

 Total 5 treats: Molly 1 mouse; McGee 2 rats and 2 mice; Ashley stepped out 7 times; Carrie still thinking it over.


9/28 - 9/29 Overnight stats Thanks to overnight MODs            
7:23 - 8:01 pm PDT  Ashley out of box             
8:05 - 8:10 pm PDT  Ashley out of box             
8:19 pm PDT McGee delivers rodent            
10:18 pm PDT  Molly delivers rodent             
11:50 - 11:54 pm PDT  Ashley out of box            
1:16 - 2:07 am PDT  Ashley out of box          
3:30 am PDT-McGee with rodent/mouse
5:50 am to 6:00 am PDT   Ashley out of box     
6:01 am PDT Molly visits, no treat 


Carrie Needs Coffee by CAR  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pw_EUqcF48Q


From Carlos on Molly's Blog:  http://mollysbox.wordpress.com/2010/09/28/ashley-steps-out-4-times/

Day 52 was the big day(actually night)  for “NO FEAR” Ashley as she stepped out of the box 4 times 10:44Pm, 11:05 PM, 1:10 AM and 1:50 AM.  Max, oldest in the first clutch did not come out of the box until day 56 so just as we thought Ashley is much more advanced at this stage with only two in the box instead of four. The fun now starts as she will leave the box nightly and learn to fly by pouncing from box to fledge ledge and back and forth.


9/27-9/28 Overnight Stats     and ASHLEY STEPS OUT!
10:45 pm PDT Ashley leaves the box     
10:47 pm PDT Molly arrives with rodent to photo ledge...discovers Ashley is out.     
       gives rodent to CArrie, moves to roof to watch Ashley     
10:50 pm PDT Ashley returns to box...Molly still on roof     
11:03 pm PDT Molly leaves roof  
11:03 pm PDT Ashley leaves again and stays on ledge flapping a lot and walking around.     
11:29 pm PDT Ashley returns to inside the box

1:08- 1:32 am PDT  Ashley steps out of box again, 3rd time tonight     
1:45  am PDT  McGee delivers rodent, greeted by Ashley outside the door     
1:52- 2:27 am PDT  Ashley steps out of box again, 4th time    
2:02 am PDT McGee delivers rodent to Ashley          
2:17 am PDT  Molly on photo ledge, no food (leaves 2:25)     
4:39 am PDT  McGee delivers large rodent   



9/26 to 9/27 Food Stats 
1:03 am PDT McGee with rodent    
6:12 am PDT Molly(?) on photo ledge.No treats!


Ustream Stats

ChocoMare reporting for RodentiaNet– At 1:02a McGee flung in fair-sized, as yet, unidentified rodent.  Ashley still leaning out the door occasionally, but hasn’t gotten the courage to come out just yet. 


9/26/2010 - Carlos Waves To The World Owl Box Door  http://www.ustream.tv/recorded/9835492


9/25 - 9/26 Overnight Stats        
 8:33 pm PDT  Quick stop in by Molly(?), no food. Fly in by McGee(?)          
 9:48 pm PDT  Molly delivers mouse          
10:50 pm PDT  Molly delivers rodent       
11:12 pm PDT  Molly delivers large rodent        
 3:43 am PDT  McGee rodent 



9/25/2010 - MODS of Kentuckiana Gala Barn Owl Celebration

Celebrating Molly, the Barn Owl Nation, and the Opening Weekend of "Legends of the Guardian: The Owls of Ga'Hoole"

Organized by our very own Kathy Copas and Nancy Wolf.

Carlos did a skype connection with them and interviewed both MODs and the folks from the Raptor Center there.

Media coverage -    Barn owl gala in New Albany tonight shows real owls and new movie

Photo of skype connectio - Carlos in corner, Owl to be named with Ilene and Kathy  http://js-kit.com/blob/dP96C6sK4wpwoz1LN4CFAW.png


9/24 - 9/25 Overnight Stats
7:26 pm PDT  Molly brings rodent
10:02 pm PDT  McGee delivers rodent
10:33 pm PDT  Molly delivers rodent, stays for a while on porch
11:12 pm PDT  McGee fling and fly with big rodent
1:39 am PDT  McGee with rodent
2:57 am PDT  Molly stops by. No food
3:06 am PDT  Someone sticks head out of door

Today, Saturday, 9/25...
Ashley is 49 days old
Carrie is 48 days old


Mister was reinstalled because the temperature over the next few days will be in the 90's.


Rather in depth discussion on the chat over the last couple of days about Jupiter and the Moon and the photos and video that Carlos had posted. Here is a message sent by Colleen to Carlos summarizing the thoughts.

Hello Carlos and Donna. A very knowledgeable photographer on our SPO chat, James, questioned if “Jupiter” on OB2 by the moon, was really Jupiter at all or just a reflection of light that the camera was picking up. I know you would just have the video to go off of the first night as you were asleep, but for the last two nights have you looked out your window and viewed Jupiter live? If so, you would have noticed if what was showing on OB2 was in fact Jupiter or a reflection of light. Please let me know if this has been a mistaken image so we can let the chat know the correct information. Thank you so much also for the opportunity to view the nest box and the friends that have been made because of that.

Animation produced by James Hill - in the star chart animation below you can clearly see that Jupiter disappears under the horizon very early, due to how far ahead it was in comparison to the Moon this morning.  The faint dot moving in the opposite direction in the OB2 video is yet another reflection.

Owl Box Video animation 2010-09-25 05:56am - 06:25am  http://js-kit.com/blob/1YiMRPXMl4QI_SgT6Dne8h.gif

Star Chart animation 2010-09-25, same time period.  http://js-kit.com/blob/TWGybzX3Gcws283eRMfQVq.gif

Reflecting on Harvest Moon and Jupiter too - Video produced by James Hill -  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i0Uo_cIAEY8

A comparison of star charts and video from three different mornings to figure out if the bright dot below and to the left of the moon in the video was actually Jupiter or a reflection inside the camera. All evidence suggests that Jupiter does not appear in the video. After all, Jupiter and the Moon change relative positions from night to night. The star charts were calculated using the same zip code and identical times from the video camera's time stamp.


9/23 -9/24 Final Overnight Activities thanks to the overnight MODs.     
 7:49 pm PDT McGee delivers rodent                
 8:35 pm PDT Molly checks on owlets, brings no food               
 9:48 pm PDT Molly delivers large rodent             
10:50 pm PDT Molly checks on owlets, brings no food       
 2:09 am PDT Molly with no food      
 2:13 am PDT Ashley leans way out of the box      
 2:37 am PDT Molly back, no treat.    
 4:19 am PDT Carrie sticks her head and shoulders way outside the door



9/23/2010 - Jupiter & Moon Pass (Over World Famous Owl Box)


A video camera pointed at the San Marcos owl box in Carlos and Donna Royal's San Marcos backyard captured images of the Moon and Jupiter passing in tandem Thursday morning beginning at 4:30.  The 30-minute section of video was compressed to play in 40 seconds, and features Molly the owl returning to feed her her two owlets, Ashley and Carrie, near the end.


Owl box camera captures Moon and Jupiter passing     



9/22 - 9/23 Overnight Activities thanks to overnight MODs. 
 8:52 pm PDT  Molly delivers rodent/rat    
10:45 pm PDT  Ashley sticks her head out of the door for a lenthy time!  
12:33 am PDT McGee with a large rodent  
 2:02 am PDT Molly with a mouse  
 4:55 am PDT Molly delivers rodent


9/21-22 Delivery Stats:         
7:44 pm PDT Molly checks on owlets inside box, no definite treat seen, but could be possible. OB2 down.           
11:19 pm PDT Molly delivers rodent       
3:07 PDT  Delivery, McGee (?)       
3:33 PDT  Delivery, McGee     
4:49 pm PDT Molly delivers rat   
5:39 am PDT Fling and Fly

(alternative entry - 7:44 pm PDT Molly checks on owlets inside box. Alien owl vaporizes treat before it could be seen. OB2 down. )


9/21/2010 10 am PDT

Eric & Carlos with "Molly's Home Shopping Network" http://www.ustream.tv/recorded/9732833


9/20 - 9/21 Overnight Stats    
 8:44 pm PDT Molly, on photo ledge, porch. No food        
 8:56 pm PDT Molly, on photo ledge. No food       
10:33 pm PDT McGee/Molly with mouse for Ashley (Ustream says Molly, SPO says McGee)
10:49 Molly on roof
10:58 pm PDT Fling and fly by McGee? (other chat show no delivery)       
11:25 pm PDT Molly checks the pantry and flies off     
 1:25 am PDT McGee delivers rodent  
 3:17 am PDT McGee/Molly? delivers mouse  
 3:56 am PDT Molly delivers mouse  
 5:41 am PDT Molly delivers rat  
 6:09 am PDT Molly delivers another rodent to Ashley


Ustream Stats
ChocoMare for RodentiaNet–Steady stream of incoming rodents: 10:33 Molly mouse, 1:25 McGee mouse, 3:17 McGee mouse, 3:55 Molly mouse, 5:41 Molly rat (Carrie inhaled); 06:09 Molly rat (Ashley inhaled)


9/19-9/20/2010 Overnight Deliveries:
8:22 pm PDT McGee large rodent   - fling & fly
3:28 am PDT Molly mouse        
5.40 am PDT Molly mouse 
Thanks to Cheryl, George, Becky, and others.


Live interview with Austin about the Picnic  http://www.ustream.tv/recorded/9688574


9/18/2010-919/2010  Overnight Stats     
8:24 pm PDT Molly delivers large rat.     
10:11 pm PDT McGee delivers small mouse      
10:17 pm PDT Molly with treat   
11.13 pm PDT  McGee with mouse and a flyover by another owl
1:01am PDT  Molly with treat (mouse?)  
1:54am PDT Molly with a rodent  
2:56am PDT Molly with sumpin' BIG!  
5:34am PDT Molly removes a treat from the box.  
5:57am PDT Molly returns the treat


Carlos was on this morning and told us he is shutting the cameras off on October 20th. In his opinion, the owlets will have fledged, and will be gone. He and Donna are going to their 50th High School Reunion. They have been planning this for 5 years. He said the chat will be shut down on his U Stream site. H/F came onto SPO this morning and told us they would not be shutting that chat down!



9/17 - 9/18  Final Overnight activities     

  •  8:16 pm PDT  McGee delivers mouse     
  •  8:22 pm PDT  Molly on ledge and porch. No food      
  •  9:30 pm PDT  McGee delivers mouse    
  • 11:51 pm PDT  Molly with a mouse to Carrie    
  • 12:00 am PDT  McGee with Sumpin' Big   
  •  1:20 am PDT  Molly with mouse   
  •  1:35 am PDT  Molly with yet another mouse!


9/16-9/17 Overnight Activies:
 7:42 pm PDT Molly arrives on photo ledge and checks on the owlets, no  treat.
 7:45 pm PDT Molly removes treat from the owl box and flies away.
 7:58 pm PDT Molly delivers new rodent or regifts old one  
11:40 pm PDT McGee small mouse   
 2:55 am PDT McGee small mouse
 4:17 am PDT Molly delivers mouse
 4:20 am PDT Molly removes treat
 4:42 am PDT Molly delivers treat/possible re-gift
 4:47 am PDT Molly removes old treat
 4:53 am PDT Molly re-gifts treat
5:56 am PDT Molly went back into the box again, looked in the back, came back out and left.


U-stream version of Stats:

LoneStarStateTX: KOWL Overnight News:  A night of big-time regifting and rearranging treats by Molly in the owlbox; then 1 delivery by McGee and 3 by Molly during night


9/15-9/16/2009 Stats    
7:47 pm PDT - McGee with large mouse (per Carlos)       
8:07 pm PDT - Molly removes rodent  - the one that McGee had brought ?       
8:19 pm PDT - Molly returns with rodent - posibly a re-gift of what she took out - Carrie eats it whole over 25 minutes       
8:30 pm PDT - Molly back on ledge - no treat  
12:45 am PDT - Molly delivers mouse  
 2:31 am PDT - Molly/McGee? delivers rodent  
 2:33 am PDT - some activity...either delivery or removal of treat  
 5:03 am PDT Molly removes large rodent but regifts it at 5:13  
 5:56 am PDT Molly back on ledge - no treat  
 5:58 am PDT Molly leaves

 Thanks to the evening MODs.

U-stream version of Stats:
ChocoMare for RodentiaNet–Rodents are on high alert to the Talons O’The Night as, once again, Six of their species were taken: McGee with 1 mouse & 1 Wood rat- Molly with 3 Rats & 1 Mouse. Rodentia Beware!



 9/14-15/10  Stats
8:18 PM PDT Molly perched on camera/ladder at Kestral box    
9:35 PM PDT Molly moved to owl box went in twice 10:27 PM flew off    
11:06 PM PDT Molly with Mouse eaten by Carrie    
11:07 PM PDT Molly chased another owl off and again at 11:08 PM  (Carlos says it was McGee) 
12:31 PM PDT Molly Rodent, stays at box    
 1:20 am PDT McGee Rodent (Molly flys off with McGee)    
1:59 am PDT Molly back (on roof, photo ledge, fleg ledge, porch,inbox, outw/sm pc of rodent eats    
little, but some left, maybe fell to ground, leaves 2:13)    
2:36 am PDT McGee rodent think Ashley got it  
4:05 am PDT possible treat removal OB2 down  
4:18,5:04,5:26,5:37 am PDT activity in box possible treat deliveries on some, OB2 down

Coopers Hawk stopped by later in the morning but simply sat on box, looked around and then left.

Thanks MODs!! 


September 14, 2010  North County Times 12:00 am - Local Columnist Jeff Frank   FRANK: Followers watch an owl drama like hawks


9/13- 9/14/10 Stats  

 7:48 pm PDT Owl fly by      
 8:04 pm PDT Owl fly by, owlets 'hissing'      
 9:03 pm PDT Molly delivers rodent Carrie eats it.    
12:01 am PDT McGee delivers large rodent     
 2:14 am PDT Molly visit into box.    
 2:22 am PDT McGee delivers mouse eaten by Carrie in one gulp    
 2:30 am PDT Molly rodent drop off   
 3:53 am PDT Molly delivers mouse 
 5:48 am PDT McGee large rodent 
 5:52 am PDT Molly small rodent 
 5:57 am PDT Molly flies away


Giggles in the chat room over a troublemaker. he deleted some of his posts, but the giggles remained.

Live Owl Nest Box Cam9-13-2010.pdf


9/13/2010  - Vacadude's newest cartoon   The Kidz Are Getting Big!


9/12- 9/13/10 Stats       
8:03 pm PDT Molly delivers wee mousie       
8:48 pm PDT Fling n' Fly rodent delivery by McGee        
9:54 pm PDT Molly with mousie        
10:00 pm PDT Molly checks the pantry, then on ledge       
10:04 pm PDT Molly flies off      
11.30 pm PDT Molly large Rodent - eaten by Carrie     
 1:47 am PDT McGee rodent drop off.    
 1:56 am PDT McGee rodent fly by   
 3:20 am PDT McGee delivers large mouse/small rat?   
 3:56 am PDT Molly delivers mouse  
 6:01 am PDT Molly delivers mouse

Thanks to Julia and the other overnight MODs.


9/11-9/12/2010 - Stats
7:39 pm PDT Molly enters owl box removes and re-gifts treat  
8:30pm PDT Molly removes and re-gifts another treat  
8:35pm PDT McGee delivers mouse (Molly left as McGee delivered)  
9:12pm PDT McGee delivers another mouse  
9:50pm PDT McGee with Gopher  
10:59pm PDT McGee with mouse  
11:15pm PDT Molly removes and re-gifts treat  
11:37pm PDT McGee Rodent 

11:51pm PDT Molly mouse

6:06 am PDT - 6:12 am PDT Molly's last sighting when she removed treat and ate on the ledge and flew off


9/10-9/11/2010 Stats - Molly leaves the owlets alone in the box today
7:34 pm PDT Molly steps out of owl box      
9:10 pm PDT McGee with rodent, beak-off to Molly, and she takes inside owl box      
10:14 pm PDT McGee does another hand off to Molly   
11:11 pm PDT Treat from unknown owl - delivered very quickly so it may be McGee with a fling and fly. OB2 was on the Kestrel Box so could not see delivery from the outside.  
12:24 pm PDT Delivery by McGee while Molly in the box.  
1.04 am PDT Delivery by McGee
3.40am PDT Molly Horks on Kestrel Box!
4.01am PDT Delivery Mouse? Molly
5.16am PDT Large Rodent   


Exciting Beak off from McGee to Molly - McGee Fling and Fly Yes - 9/10/2010 9:09 pm PDT


McGee Double Clutch Handoff - 10:14 pm PDT


Molly Horks A Pellet Kestrel Box - 3:38 am PDT




9/9-9/10/2010 Stats - Molly spends the day in the Owl Box Again

9:13 pm PDT Molly brings large rodent      
11:57 pm PDT Molly brings large rodent      
12:42 am PDT Molly brings rodent      
 3:25 am PDT Molly brings rodent     
 3:39 am PDT McGee brings large rodent    
 4:12 am PDT McGee brings small rodent    
 5:55 am PDT Molly brings LARGE treat, eats part of it outside, takes it to the box door and then flies away with it.    
 6:06 am PDT Molly returns with large rodent again and delivers to owl box.    
 6:16 am PDT Cooper's Hawk shows up outside owl box and Molly stays inside for the day    

Molly Watchers got a real scare this morning as Molly was late making her final delivery just around first light and a young Cooper's Hawk followed her to The Owl Box. The hawk actually attacked the box by flying around it and making loud squawking hawk sounds hopping to scare the owlets out of the owl box but Molly had joined the owlets inside and kept them calm. This dramatic event lasted for over 30 minute and all Molly Watchers could do was watch and hope as their hearts and adrenaline raced. Finally, the young hawk gave up and flew off.  The video camera actually caught the hawk following Molly to The Owl Box.

Coopers Hawk Checks Out Box

Inside Owl Box Hawk Morning


9/8-9/9/2010 Stats

10:16 pm PDT Molly/McGee? delivers small rodent that owlet eats whole  
11:07 pm PDT Molly delivers mouse  
11:19 pm PDT Molly took old rat outside, tenderized it, regifted at 11:36pm  
2:54 am PDT Molly/McGee?(other chat believes McGee) brings large rodent  
4:30 am PDT McGee delivers small rodent  
5:25 am PDT Molly/McGee? delivers rodent - I didn't see, 2 say Molly, 2 say McGee

(Thanks to Sue in San Diego, and all the other overnight MODs).


9/8/2010 - Carlos's Official Owl Box Lexicon



9/7-9/8/2010 Stats

7:44 pm PDT Molly visits box, no treat    
7:52 pm PDT Molly removes old treat    
9:43 pm PDT Molly removes another old treat    
9:55 pm PDT Molly brings small rodent, Carries swallows it    
11:41 pm PDT Another owl lands on roof and Molly chases it away
 4:19 am PDT Molly delivers mouse    
4:25 am PDT Molly removes old treat    
4:34 am PDT Molly brings large rodent (may have been the one removed at 4:25 reduced)
5:01 am PDT Molly delivers rodent
5:56 am PDT Molly delivers large rodent


9/6-9/7/2010 Stats

7:50 pm PDT Molly no treat stayed awhile in/out box/porch       
 9:31 pm PDT Molly delivers mouse Carrie got      
11:04 pm PDT Molly delivers mouse
 2:28 am possible delivery   
 5:35 am PDT McGee delivers large rodent
 5:55 am PDT Molly delivers large rodent


9/5-9/6/2010 Stats
11:20 pm PDT Molly delivers small rodent and her first appearance for the night
11:38 pm PDT Molly removes something from pantry
1:11 am PDT McGee delivers rodent
1:48 am PDT Molly delivers small rodent and removes something from pantry
1:55 am PDT McGee delivers large mouse
2:00 am PDT Molly delivers new treat (possible previous delivery)
2:01 am PDT Molly removes mouse, eats some and redelivers  
3:48 am McGee delivers large rodent
4:43 am Molly delivers small rodent
5:18 am PDT Molly removes an old treat from the owl box
5:41 am PDT Molly delivers rodent (possible previous one)

9/4-9/5/2010 Stats

8:02 pm PDT   Molly with very small mouse that Carrie quickly inhaled           
 8:10 pm PDT   Molly with another small mouse that Carrie ate           
 8:16 pm PDT   McGee with mouse, Ashley ate that one         
10:27 pm PDT    Molly with a mouse and Carrie ate it       
11:17 pm  PDT    McGee brings treat (mouse?), appears Carrie ate it      
11:23 - 11:32 pm PDT  Molly on photo ledge with no treat     
 1:21 am PDT  Molly delivers large mouse; Ashley eats it whole.     
 4:43 am PDT  McGee delivers a large rodent


9/3-9/4/2010 Stats

9:04 pm PDT Molly with a small rodent and Ashley eats it whole     

11:25 pm PDT McGee delivers mouse    
11:39 pm PDT Molly delivers mouse   
1:14 am PDT Molly delivers mouse   
2:23 am PDT Molly delivers mouse   
2:50 am PDT Molly delivers mouse                                                    

4:30 am PDT Molly delivers large rodent


9/2-9/3/2010 Stats

7:40 - 7:47 pm PDT  - Molly makes first appearance - no food
9:40 pm PDT  -  Molly (or was it McGee ??) - delivers small rodent
10:35 pm PDT - Molly back  ?? delivery and stays outside on platform
11:51 pm PDT-  Owl on photo ledge - Molly probably

4:32 am PDT - McGee delivers large rodent  
4:54 am PDT - Molly delivers a mouse  
5:00 am PDT - Molly removes 4:32 rodent, and then returns with it      again at 5:33


Desktop Wallpapers - 4 photos and 3 different pixel sizes



9/1-9/2/2010 SPO Stats - Molly leaves the box for the day

7:55 pm PDT - Molly flies off    

8:21 pm PDT - McGee deliveries mouse (Carlos corrected)

8:37 pm PDT - Owlet horking 

10:07 pm PDT - Molly delivers Rat  and stays in the box to help owlets eat

10:32 pm PDT - Molly leaves box but stays on porch (makes unusual sound like turning faucet on)
10:59 pm PDT - Molly leaves and Carlos switch to Kestrel box she’s there, on & off until 11:17 then back to porch for a while

12:03 am PDT - Possible Rat delivery by Molly, but maybe one  already in box that Molly just picked up and moved.

4:56  am PDT - Molly delivers large rodent



9/1/2010 - Owlet Singing Molly Was Her Name



Official MOD Certtificate




8/31-9/1/2010 SPO Stats - Molly spends the day in the Owl Box Again

 7:59 PDT Molly leaves the nestbox for the first time 
10:54 PDT molly delivers mouse. Ashley got it. 
11:02 PDT Molly delivers another mouse, this one to Carrie. 
11:30 PDT Molly or McGee in the house, possible delivery, may have flown away with the treat (everyone confused) 
12:40 PDT Molly delivers mouse  
 2:55 Molly/McGee? delivers large rodent 
 3:44 Molly/McGee? brings rodent (controversial)


U-stream version of Stats: 
Just The Factz Food Report Molly: 2 mice, 1 gopher; McGee: 1 mouse, 1 unidentified large rodent and 1 humongous gopher



8/30-8/31/2010 SPO Stats - Molly spends the day in the Owl Box Again

7:57 PDT  Molly flies off and leaves the owl box  
12:23 PDT  Molly delivers small rodent  
12:52 PDT  McGee delivers large rodent  
 1:47 PDT  OB1 & OB2 off air for maybe close to an hour  
 2:44 PDT  Molly back in box and feeds owlets  
 3:34- 3:37 PDT Molly flyabout and back in box for the day


Ustream Stat  reports:  Despite camera failures, we can still report 1 mouse & 2 gophers came in.  Ashley swallowed the mouse with glee. Molly shredded G-1 for Carrie & G-2 is in the corner.



8/30/2010 - Eric Live with Carlos (Jewelry)




Certified MOD Cards   MOD_Cert_Crd_10up.pdf


Molly's Owl Box Dream 


8/29-8/30/2010 Stats - Molly spends the day in the Owl Box Again

7:51 pm PDT After spending the day in the box, Molly flies off.  She did come and go throughout the night.  
1:37 pm PDT  Molly brings rodent  
2:13 pm PDT  McGee brings rodent   
4:27 pm PDT  Molly brings rat
5:56 pm PDT  Molly back in box
(Thanks to Colleen, Merritt , George and Christina Sigpod  and all the other MODs that posted stats during the night)


8/29/2010 - Molly Cleans Up Carries Eyes



Carlos declares Monday "Pass the word" or "Share the MOD" day and urges everyone to hand out the Molly cards.

          Ashley and Carrie show us how to "Pass the Word": http://js-kit.com/blob/p2zyZQ56FAXrenWh9TX2_E.jpg

          Here are Molly cards with SPO on them modified by Owlosaurus  0 Molly cards SPO.pdf


8/28-8/29/2010 Stats - Molly spends the day in the Owl Box Again

10:44pm PDT - Molly flies off.    

11:08pm PDT - Molly returns to the kestrel box.    

11:19pm PDT - Molly returns to the box.    

12:31pm PDT - Molly is on the porch again.     

12:56pm PDT - Molly back inside and feeds owlets from pantry   

  1:47pm PDT - McGee possible small delivery  

  2:28pm PDT - Molly leaves again and comes back at 3:41  

  4:44PM PDT - Molly leaves  

  5:29pm PDT - Molly returns and stays

(Thanks to Colleen and all the other MODs that posted stats during the night)


8/27-8/28/2010 Stats - Molly comes back to spend the day in the Owl Box

9:35 pm PDT  Molly delivers mouse    
2:28 am PDT  Molly delivers mouse    
2:41 am PDT  McGee delivers rodent/mouse  
3:26 am PDT Molly flies in - no food - sits on ledge and flies off at 3:50  
5:25 am PDT Molly delivers large rodent/rat and hangs around outside box
5:37 am PDT just as Molly leaves, Mcgee arrives with another large rodent
5:45 am Molly returns to perch outside of box and enters later to help feed the owlets

Molly then decides to spend the day in the box. :)
(Thanks to Colleen, George, Cheryl and all the other MODs that posted stats during the night)


It appears that Carrie has a problem with her eyes as they are not open as they should be, this may clear up or it may not. We don’t know at this point. Per Carlos


8/26-27/2010 Stats

8:47- 8:49 pm PDT  Molly on the roof for a visit, no treat   

11:01 pm PDT Molly delivers mouse, one owlet swallows it. Molly hangs out around the box until 12:05   

4:04 am PDT Molly delivers mouse and owlets fight over it, but viewing obscured    

4:47 am PDT McGee delivers rat (quick delivery)

(Thanks to Colleen, George, Robin, Baxter, Lynda and all the other MODs that posted stats during the night)


One Owlet Horked  - close to the end of the video  http://www.ustream.tv/recorded/9170864


8/26/2010 -  The Singing Owlets

        Ashley Sings The Molly Bobble - Again - PurdyFarms version http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9rdbCB8jC48

                                                                     - Carlos version  http://www.ustream.tv/recorded/9166390

         Molly Song by the Owlets  -  http://www.ustream.tv/recorded/9166055


8/25/2010 - Molly Left the Owl Box for the Day

Carrie swallowed a mouse whole last night, and then when morning came Molly left the box and did not come back until night fall. 


Molly returns at 8:08 pm PDT with a mouse which was downed immediately:  http://www.ustream.tv/recorded/9152027


8/21/2010 - The Youngest Owlet has Died

Jody passed away about 3:30 pm PDT.

          Announcement of Jody's passing  http://mollysbox.wordpress.com/2010/08/21/jody-the-youngest-owlet-does-not-make-it/


8/20/2010 - Ashley Swallows a Mouse Whole

Ashley the owlet is 2 weeks old and swallowing a critter as big as she is. Go to the 9 minute mark on the video.

Swallow Whole - Hork Tomorrow    http://www.ustream.tv/recorded/9055374


8/19/2010 - Ashley Sings The Molly Bobble

Go close to the end of the video    http://www.ustream.tv/recorded/9024529


8/18/2010 - Molly goes out and brings back a mouse

                Owlets Share First Fresh Mouse  http://www.ustream.tv/recorded/9012328    


8/17/2010 - Early Morning - One of the Owlets (Kelly) has Died

On Tuesday, August 17, little Kelly died sometime between 1 am and 2:10 am PDT. She was one week old. For two or three days before, she had not been eating as well as the other owlets, and on Tuesday she seemed weak and disoriented. Molly took her remains off camera and ate them to keep away predators and maintain box sanitation. Much sorrow and consternation was expressed on the chat. Carlos encouraged all to realize that this is all part of nature and to follow Molly's example and move forward celebrating the lives of the three remaining owlets. 

Announcement of Kelly's Passing    http://mollysbox.wordpress.com/2010/08/17/kelly-we-will-miss-you/

PDF of the chat when Owlet Passes   SPO_Chat_08-17-2010_Owlet-Passes.pdf

Video During the Time Kelly Died - Caution: This could be disturbing and sad, though Molly actually consuming the owlet is

not visible.  OB1 video from about 10:15pm to 1:44am:       http://www.ustream.tv/recorded/8977175

Vacadude cartoon tribute  Got the sad news this morning (8/17/10) that the third owlet Kelly had passed away in the night. So

I imagined her being welcomed to her new home by all the baby owls that have touched our hearts--the unborn from the first clutch  (Dudley and Unnamed) and Punk4 and Punk5 (from the mating pair Owliver and Owlivia). She should should be in very good  company!  http://www.vacadude.com/data/KellyHeaven2.pdf 


Jody hatched - 8/14/2010

Jody hatched  3:47 pm PDT  8/14/2010

     Photos & Announcement of Jody's hatch  


      Video of Hatching - go to about the 1 hour 20 minute mark and start watching   http://bit.ly/Jody-Hatches

          Shorter version of the video:   http://www.ustream.tv/recorded/8929183/highlight/96526

      PDF of the chat during Jody's Hatch  SPO_Chat_08-11-14_2010_Jody-Hatches.pdf

      All 4 Owlets Playing Ring Around   http://www.ustream.tv/recorded/8933610


8/14/2010 - Lyrics to another new song released 

"Molly Bobble"  lyrics by Musique2 - She rewrote the words to THE CURLY SHUFFLE and sequenced the accompaniment on the keyboard  http://mollysbox.wordpress.com/2010/08/14/the-owl-box-celebrates-16-million-views/


8/13/2010 - New Song Released

"Molly Was Her Name" by Barbara Allen  



Kelly hatched - 8/11/2010

Kelly hatched at 8:38 pm PDT

          Announcement of Kelly's Hatch   http://mollysbox.wordpress.com/2010/08/11/third-egg-hatches-838-pm-pdt-named-kelly/

          Video of Hatching  http://www.ustream.tv/recorded/8872017

          PDF of the chat during Kelly's Hatch   SPO_Chat_08-11-12_2010_Kelly-Hatches.pdf

          Vacadude cartoon tribute Here's a cartoon showing the third addition to the second clutch: Kelly!



Molly Horked Pellet  8/11/2010  Go almost to the end of the video  http://www.ustream.tv/recorded/8871748


Carlos Update 8/11/2010          http://www.ustream.tv/recorded/8859338


McGee Delivers to Ashley and Carrie. Molly is not home - Early morning 8/10/2010          



Carrie hatched - 8/8/2010

Carrie hatched at  8:50am PDT.

          Photo of Carrie & Announcement -


Vacadude cartoon tribute Here's a cartoon showing the newest addition to the second clutch: Carrie! It seems she shares her

birthday with a certain cartoonist/web host, and it seems there is a bit of a resemblance. but maybe that's just my imagination...   http://www.vacadude.com/data/Carrie.pdf

          Molly Shows New Owlets - http://www.ustream.tv/recorded/8814099

          PDF of the chat during Carrie's First Night   SPO_Chat_08-09-2010_Carries_First_Night.pdf

           Ashley, Carrie, & Molly on NBC Nightly News     http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/3032619//vp/38632630#38632630

Molly & McGee Kerfluffle -  video 8/8/2010 - go about 5 minutes into the video: http://www.ustream.tv/recorded/8817218


Ashley Hatched - 8/7/2010

Ashley hatched at 3:20 am PDT (Carlos put the official time at 3:30 am because that is when he first saw her).

          Announcement of Ashely's hatch   http://mollysbox.wordpress.com/2010/08/07/1st-egg-hatches/

          First Owlet Hatches  - about half way into video - see tag - http://www.ustream.tv/recorded/8772204

          More Newborn Ashley Sightings - see tagged spots in video - http://www.ustream.tv/recorded/8772829

          Ashley - 18 hours old  http://www.flickr.com/photos/50638720@N07/4870927202/

Vacadude cartoon tribute The first owlet of the second clutch--hatched in the wee hours of the morning on August 7th, 2010. I

believe that Glowz the Spider served as midwife. It was a wonderful event!   http://www.vacadude.com/data/Ashley.pdf

          Ashley & Molly on NBC Nightly News     http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/3032619/#38607249

          PDF of the chat during Ashley's Hatching   SPO_Chat_08-07-2010_Ashleys Hatching.pdf


Hatch Watch Started

Official start of hatch watch was August 4th. On Friday, August 6th it was clear that there was an indentation in one of the eggs and peeping was clearly heard when Molly stood up off the eggs. Many gathered to watch to see if they could see the first owlet of the second clutch hatch.

          Molly Hatch Watch Pipping Sounds August 6, 2010     http://www.ustream.tv/recorded/8760294  


Glowz and Bonding  July 29, 2010       http://www.ustream.tv/recorded/8601190


Molly and McGee bonding, Glowz, and a tiny mouse Recorded the night of July 28, 2010 at 11pm 



Molly was trying to hork  -  July 23, 2010  http://www.ustream.tv/recorded/8464319


Owl Box Begins to Broadcast the Second Clutch

Om July 19th, Carlos announced that he and Donn had decided to have a "staycation" this summer and that they will broadcast from the owl box for the second clutch. Emails went out, phone calls and facebook posts were made. Molly watchers were ecstatic!!



Second Clutch Eggs Hatch

Egg 1:  Ashley Hatched 8/7/2010   3:30 am PDT

Egg 2:  Carrie hatched 8/8/2010  8:50am PDT

Egg 3:  Kelly hatched 8/11/2010  8:38 pm PDT    -    Kelly died 8/17/2010

Egg 4:  Jody hatched  8/14/2010  3:47 pm PDT   -    Jody died 8/21/2010


Second Clutch Eggs Laid

Date Laid ________ Estimated Hatch Date
Egg 1 7/06/10 ____  8/08/10 _______
Egg 2 7/08/10 ____  8/10/10 _______
Egg 3 7/11/10 ____  8/13/10 _______

Egg 4 7/14/10 ____  8/16/10________


Molly & McGee Return to Owl Box

On June 12th, after Wesley fledged, Molly & McGee returned to the Owl Box and mated, and shortly after (about June 28th) they moved back into the box and appeared to be setting up housekeeping.



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