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3rd Clutch Information

Page history last edited by Chris 10 years, 8 months ago

1/10/2012 - Molly and McGee Checking Calendar

"We are back from our 50th Wedding Anniversary Cruise but plan to be taking off again soon. Of course, we had to check on Molly and McGee. They continue to visit the owl box but seem to be checking their 2012 Molly Calendar to see if it is time to start their next family...."




1/4/2012 - 12 Days of Molly - Ninth Day

On the Ninth Day of Molly my true love gave to me …
Nine Rabbits Taunting
Eight MODs A-Chatting
Seven Wings A-Waving
Six Deet, Deet, Deet…
Five Large Prints
Four Calling Birds
Three French Hens
Two Skinny Legs
and a Barn Owl In A Palm Tree 



1/4/2012 - 2011 in Review

The WordPress.com stats helper monkeys prepared a 2011 annual report for this blog.

Here’s an excerpt:

London Olympic Stadium holds 80,000 people. This blog was viewed about 790,000 times in 2011. If it were competing at London Olympic Stadium, it would take about 10 sold-out events for that many people to see it.



12/20/2011 - 12 Days of Molly - Eighth Day

On the Eighth Day of Molly my true love gave to me …
Eight MODs A-Chatting
Seven Wings A-Waving
Six Deet, Deet, Deet…
Five Large Prints
Four Calling Birds
Three French Hens
Two Skinny Legs
and a Barn Owl In A Palm Tree




12/19/2011 - 12 Days of Molly - Seventh Day

On the Seventh Day of Molly my true love gave to me …
Seven Wings A-Waving
Six Deet, Deet, Deet…
Five Large Prints
Four Calling Birds
Three French Hens
Two Skinny Legs
and a Barn Owl In A Palm Tree



12/17/2011 - 12 Days of Molly - Sixth Day

On the Sixth Day of Molly my true love gave to me …
Six Deet, Deet, Deet…
Five Large Prints
Four Calling Birds
Three French Hens
Two Skinny Legs
and a Barn Owl In A Palm Tree



12/15/2011 - 12 Days of Molly - Fifth Day

On the Fifth Day of Molly my true love gave to me …
Five Large Framed Prints
Four Calling Birds
Three French Hens
Two Skinny Legs
and a Barn Owl In A Palm Tree



12/15/2011 - Fan Trouble - Photos of Molly & McGee

"I have had several request wanting to know why I have not posted any photos of Molly and McGee in the last few days. Simple, the computer that runs the camera has been in the repair shop. One of the fans started to sound a police siren so we took the computer in for repair.  Basically, we have not seen Molly and McGee anymore than you have..."



12/14/2011 - 12 Days of Molly - Fourth day

On the Fourth Day of Molly my true love gave to me …
Four Calling Birds
Three French Hens
Two Skinny Legs
and a Barn Owl In A Palm Tree



12/12/2011 - 12 Days of Molly - Third Day

On the Third Day of Molly my true love gave to me…
Three French Hens
Two Skinny Legs
and a Barn Owl In A Palm Tree



12/10/2011 - 12 Days of Molly Second Day

On the Second Day of Molly my true love gave to me …

Two Skinny Legs
and a Barn Owl In A Palm Tree



12/9/2011 - World Owl Hall of Fame Awards

Carlos and Donna Royal are to receive a special award by the World Owl Hall of Fame.



12/6/2011 - Merry Christmas  (Up to 40% Off DVDs)



12/5/2011 - 12 Days of Molly First Day



12/2/2011 - No Wind No Damage - Molly in the Box

"Many of you have asked if we had wind and if The Owl Box is okay. We had no wind and The Owl Box is fine. As it has gotton colder Molly has changed her behavior slightly and is spending more time in the box. Molly and McGee had been playing a game of whose turn is it to watch the box tonight but as of the last three days Molly has settled into that job both day and night with an occasional night visit from McGee. We have not observed any bonding but we are not watching the box around the clock. When we are home I take a peek and report it here on the blog....."



11/30/2011 - Majestic Molly



11/28/2011 - Cyber Molly days



11/26/2011 - Buy One Get One Free!



11/25/2011 -The Perfect Gift 



11/24/2011 - Up to 40% Off Molly Movies (4 days only)



11/20/2011 - The Box is Empty Today



11/15/2011 - Austin's Designer Molly Tote Bag  & Molly in the Box for the Day

So many of you ask for Austin’s design on a tote bag so here it is. Now, you have a tote bag to match your Designer T-Shirt. Last night McGee spent the night alone in The Owl Box and left off early this morning. Then just before daylight Molly came dashing in to spend the day. We think it is still too early for bonding.



11/14/2011 - Molly & McGee Together Again

The rain blew out the GFI circuit and I don’t mean they were just tripped, I mean the there were destroyed and will have to be replaced. Molly and McGee had gone missing for a couple of day but last night they both show up at the same time. By using a 100 foot electrical extention cord I managed to get some photos.



11/13/2011 - Two New Molly Thanksgiving Cards




11/8/2011 - Molly & McGee T-Shirt and Molly & McGee in the box

This morning when we got up Molly and McGee were in the owl box. This is the first time in over a month that we have seen the two of them in the box during the day.  

World Famous Molly DVD maker Austin Faure has just finished his first Molly & McGee T-Shirt Design. It is available now!



11/2/2011 - McGee stops by and Thanksgiving Sales:

McGee stopped by early this morning just long enough for me to capture this photo. The box is empty most days, including today.




10/27/2011 - 10% sale  Cafe Presss Molly Merchandise until 10/28/2011

the sale is for 10% off on orders over $40 dollars, just use the code FOCT1140 at checkout.



10/26/2011 - FREE Molly the Owl Howloween Mask and Blue Heron

FREE Molly the Owl Howloween Mask download now available http://www.rocketmancreative.com/Molly-The-Owl-Halloween-Mask-2011.html. Nothing to buy, nothing to fill out, it is really free.  Also available is last year’s Molly mask too. These mask were designed by Chris Adams of Rocketman Creative and are just perfect for all the little kids in your family or big kids like you and me while handing out the Treats. Everyone needs a Howloween Mask to join in the fun.  Go download yours now and join our Howloween Party.  Invite your friends to do the same.  The links will take you to our CafePress Store home page you will find the FREE MASK download at the top right on the page.




10/25/2011 - Halloween Treat - Molly's Box



10/20/2011 - 2012 Calendar Has Arrived



10/14/2011 - Molly Goes to Ghana

Eric Blehm donated a case of Molly the Owl books to his brother-in-law, photographer Jeff Warner who is currently on a round-the-world voyage with his family.  Along the way, he will visit a number of underdeveloped countries, and with that in mind, Eric asked Jeff to donate the books to poverty stricken schools, and children.  Now through October 31, for every donation book purchased on www.mollytheowlbooks.com;  Eric will match the donation with a second donated book of the same title. 




10/1/20111 - All Molly Songs LIVE on iTunes

All four Molly songs are now available on iTunes! We would like to once again thank Barbara Allen for all the fun she has shared with everyone who watched. It’s hard to imagine Molly and the family without the songs that so flawlessly capture the mood, excitement and overall experiences the owl box had to offer. You can now keep the great memories fresh by having your very own Molly Songs available to play anytime you like!



9/29/2011 - Wesley's Lesson LIVE on iTunes



9/278/2011 - Austin Gets an A+

The last time we checked Molly and McGee were still playing “Who will watch and guard the box today.” Nothing else is going on. If any thing changes we will let you know on  Mollysbox.wordpress.com/blog



9/23/2011  - Ramona Man's Owl Boxes Take flight & What's Up With Molly & McGee

Article in SignOn San Diego - By Christy Scannell    



9/10/2011 - Two Molly Songs LIVE on iTunes



8/31/2011 - Molly Songs Heading to iTunes

The cameras, chat and social stream go off at 6 PM PDT tonight but we have some great news. The Molly Songs by Barbara Allen are going to be available on iTunes. Barbara Allen has done so much for the owl box. We can now return the favor by letting everyone know her songs will be available on iTunes. Wouldn’t it be great if we could send the Molly Song viral, remember 21 million have viewed Molly. What a send off that would be. Barbara Allen is a wonderful lady who shared her songs with us and now we can help her share them with the world. If anyone deserves success it is her. They are not available yet but should be in the next day or so. I hope to be the first to down load her songs from itunes.



8/30/2011 - The Ghost of Leggs McGee

It is only natural that the Ghost of Leggs McGee would show up in the day time since owls are nocturnal or the reverse of human ghosts which most often show up at night. This screen shot was provided to us by hundon but the sighting was confirmed by hundreds of other links, screenshots and emails. The strangest twist to this story is that McGee showed up later as usual to prove that he is not a ghost, creating spectulation that McGee was part of a government top secret telaportation experiment that had a glitch. The Air Force denies the rumors and insist that the ghostly legs are  simply out of focus sprider webs but did confirm a simliar owl box exists at Area 51 for rodent control.



8/28/2011 - Lights Out 8/31/2011 6 pm PDT

It is time the owl box becomes a memory as we move on to new events and  adventures in our life.  We will be turning off The Owl Box at 6 PM PDT 8-31-11. We are letting you know in advance so you can say your good byes to all your owl box friends. We have had a great time and we hope you have too.  The blog and all the websites will remain active.

Thank you!  from Carlos, Donna and Austin



8/23/2011 - Bees



8/20/2011 -500 DVDs On Their Way

Please note: That due to an error in paypal reporting the last 57 orders will not be shipped until the next 250 DVDs arrive later this week....Not to worry all orders are accounted for and those that ordered first will receive their orders first.



8/20/2011 - World's Simplest Owl Box Plans

You ask for it, you got it. The World’s Simplest Owl Box Plans

Visit CafePress


Click on the Owl Box Plans link in the Instant Downloads section at top of page


Click “Add To Cart”

After you pay it will take you to the instant download page. (if not click Return to Austin Faure Productions)

You will see Austin and Carlos building a version of this plan on his latest DVD, The World’s Most Famous Barn Owls



8/13/2011 - Countdown to 21 Million Views

The Owl Box, home of Molly and McGee, The World’s Most Famous Barn Owls is expected to hit 21 Million views sometime Sunday evening. Carlos Royal, owner of The Owl Box on www.Ustream.tv/theowlbox  estimates it will happen around 5 PM PDT, but it could happen sooner if old viewers start tuning in to watch the event happen. To celebrate this event the The Owl Box will be hosting one of it legendary Virtual Parties where virtual stars and dignitaries from around the world show up.



8/11/2011 - Thank You!

The Virtual Premiere Red Carpet Event was a big success. We want to thank everyone that showed up and especially those that purchased or have purchased Austin’s new movie “The World’s Most Famous Barn Owls.”  Austin has pre-sold 377 DVDs so far.

If you missed the premiere of the preview of his movie you can view it on www.YouTube.com/SirCarlosR  or if you are member of facebook you can view it in HD at http://on.fb.me/HDTrailer .



8/9/2011 - Virtual Premiere Red Carpet Event  -- Austin's New DVD Preview - Online Wed 8/10/2011 from 6-7 pm PDTT

Join us and be one of the first to see the movie’s preview.



8/6/2011 - Virtual Hawaiian  Luau7 pm PDT

See you tonight at 7 PM PDT for a luau good time.



8/5/2011 - Austin Completes New DVD & Photo of Natural Nutcracker

Have a great day as Molly and McGee continue to play “Who will watch the box today?” McGee is in the box today, yesterday was Molly’s turn.



8/3/2011 - Molly Looking Into the Camera

We have an empty owl box today. I think that since it was 91 degrees yesterday they have decided to spend the day in the palm tree next door. That is were they usually hang out when not in the owl box. We will be doing a Molly and McGee watch starting at 8:00 PM PDT tonight. Since the box is empty this will give you a chance to get out of the house or at least do some chores. I know I am going to take advantage of this down time.



8/1/2011 - It's Clear No  4th Clutch

"The more we watch, the more clear it has become that Molly and McGee are taking a break and will not have a second clutch this year. Actually, this is more normal for barn owls, most only have one clutch per year except in places like Southern California where sometimes they have two because of good weather and ample food..."



7/22/2011 - Carlos at Mira Costa College - Video

Feathery Cheryl and Carlos


Feathery Cheryl & Donna & Austin



7/18/2011 - McGee's Courtship Dance

Love in the air? McGee courts Molly with McGee Stompz dance  

Vacadude's Cartoon - Seeing the video of McGee's little "courtship dance" (if that's what it was) the other day brought to mind another dapper dancer from a few years back!


7/15/2011 - Molly Watch - "Waiting on Molly"



7/14/2011 - McGee Watch - "Waiting on McGee"



7/13/2011 - Molly Brings in Her Own Gopher

"Molly is in the box alone but I just saw her scratching around in the back of the box this afternoon like she wants to build a nest. Early this morning she brought in her own gopher to eat while in the box today. They build their nest out of owl pellets which they hork up inside the box. The courting stage can take 30 to 60 days and eggs usually start showing up in about 10 days once mating actually starts in earnest.  We have witness Molly and McGee bonding or attempting to bond the last two nights. We will just have to wait and see if eggs follow..."



7/12/2011 - Molly and McGee in the Box Today

"Molly and McGee are in The Owl Box today. No bonding was observed last night....Two benches have been installed in Walnut Grove Park in San Marcos, California, the site of Molly’s Picnics in 2010 which raised just over $12,000 for San Marcos’s Community Wildlife Fund. This was an Eagle Scout Project by Richard Regello of Boy Scout Troop 649.One bench is dedicated to those that supported the project and the other is dedicated to Carlos and Donna Royal, and Austin Faure for sharing Molly the Owl and Family with the world..."



7/10/2011 - The Last Signed Book



7/8/2011- Austin's New Movie Pre-Order Now

"We’re pleased to announce the release of Austin’s new movie! The World’s Most Famous Barn Owls..."



7/7/2011 - Fourth Clutch Bonding Has Started

"Bonding for the Fourth Clutch has started. Look for eggs to follow in about 10 days if the mating continues..."



7/7/2011 - Cafe Press Sales Savings

"We have now made Molly Merchandise available in the Cafepress Market Place. What does this mean? It means that the Cafepress Sales now apply to Molly Merchandise. When we run a sale you save money or when CafePress has a sale you save money..."



7/6/2011 - Molly Makes the News Again

Article in San Diego Online




7/6/2011 - Molly is in the  Box



7/5/2011 - Will Molly & McGee Return Tonight?

We will be watching to see if Molly and McGee  show up. Join us tonight 8:00 PM PDT



7/5/2011 - Molly's Blog Tops 3 Million Views

Molly’s Blog continues to be one of the leading blog sites on wordpress.com as of this morning it has been viewed 3,049,248 times.

Molly and McGee have been spending time together in The Owl Box but this morning the box is empty. We will have to wait to see if they return tonight.



7/4/2011 - Celebrate Fourth of July

There is no better way to Celebrate the Fourth of July and show your patriotism than to order a Patriotic Molly Mug. Let everyone know you are Proud to be an American! ...Enjoy and have a Happy and Safe Fourth of July

Carlos, Donna and Austin




7/1/2011 - Live with Carlos Royal



7/1/2011 - Something New

"Molly and McGee are both in the box. This is basically something new, always in the past McGee would leave in the day time. Rarely, did we see both of them in the box during the day.  We are home so were thought it would be nice to share this new Owl Box experience with loyal M.O.D.s..."



6/30/2011 - Molly & McGee back in the box

Molly and McGee in The Owl Box All Day



6/24/2011  - Videos of Field Trip




6/24/2011 - We are going to try again 7:30 PM PST



6/23/2011 - LIVE –Field Trip, Owls in Natural Environment Tonight




6/22/2011 - Video of Field trip



6/21/2011 - Videos of Field trip

First part of Field trip - See two Barn Owls in a Hollow Tree


Second part of field trip - no owls visible



6/21/2011 -  Field trip again tonight at Molly & McGee's place staring at 6:30 pm PST  


6/20/2011 - Video of Field Trip



6/20/2011- Live Broadcast - Field Trip Tonight

"If at first you don’t succeed, try, try, again and that is exactly what Austin and I will be doing tonight as we try once again to show you the owl’s hunting grounds. Austin and I are going to be broadcasting live, but this time thanks to some new equipment/batteries that So4.tv has purchased we will be able to go inside the field and not just broadcast from the edge but from the middle of the field..."



6/12/2011 - Molly The Owl Ties for First Place in San Diego Book Awards - Children's Nonfiction.



6/12/2011 - Bluebirds Fledge (& Austin too)

"Austin has graduated and the Bluebirds have fledged. That has got to be a good sign."




6/11/2011- Thinking About Leaving But Not Happy About It



6/8/2011 - Seventeenth Annual San Diego Book and Writing Awards Ceremony this Saturday. Molly The Owl by Eric Blehm is a finalist



6/6/2011 -More Photos of Bluebirds



6/3/2011 - Cooper's Hawk Raids Bluebird Box

"A Cooper’s hawk raided the Bluebird box yesterday and got away with one of the babies. This upset several viewers until I explained that this is nature and to think of it as a mother hawk getting food for her babies. We don’t protect the rodents, the rabbits, the possums, the bugs or the worms, why should be protect the birds? This is nature and the cycle of life and we let nature keep it in balance in our backyard. If we start protecting one species over another then soon we will have an imbalance..."



6/1/2011 - Bluebirds During the day

" I know you watch the owls, but now we have something just as fun in the daytime. . . Beautiful Western bluebirds feeding young babies..... Action will start around 6:00am (PST) until dark..."



6/1/2011 -The Third Clutch has Officially Ended

"The Third Clutch has officially ended. Molly and McGee did a great job. Look at the picture and you will see their pride. This is our year to travel so the camera may be turned off at any time but in the mean time enjoy the Bluebirds..."



5/31/2011 - Third Clutch Concludes With Molly & McGee Returning

"...The Third Clutch has concluded, the last owlet did not return last night plus we got a surprise, Molly and McGee returned and spent considerable time inside The Owl Box once again. We also discovered the Bluebirds have nested inside the Bluebird Box..."



5/30/2011 - Memorial Day Gift

"So many of you said you wanted a print of Molly with the flag background that I am making it available as a Free High Resolution 8.5X11 Download on our CafePress site. Just click on the link, look for the free stuff at the top, it will be all the way to the right, click on the link and the High Resolution print will download no questions asked, no purchase necessary. It’s Free. Print it, frame it, and share the link with your friends. It is our gift to you, your family and your friends."


CafePress Link http://www.cafepress.com/Mollytheowl/7832440


More Videos from the Hunting Grounds:

5/28/2011 - Another Hunting Field



5/28/2011 - The Owl Chasers Tonight

"Austin and I will be out looking for the owls again tonight. We will be going to another new location and hope we have more luck. This third location is directly north of the owl box about a quarter of a mile but this field has also been recently disked to take down the weeds. We will also be trying a couple of new techniques, I will have an IR spotlight, it may look like a light but it is not. We will also be trying some different broadcasters or streamers as they are called. Action starts anytime after 7:00 PM PST, it depends of set up time at location."



Videos from the Hunting grounds:

5/27/2011 - New Hunting Fields

Before dark   http://www.ustream.tv/recorded/15002250

After dark    http://www.ustream.tv/recorded/15003336







5/25/2011 - Field Trip Tonight 7:45 pm PST



5/25/2011 - Molly Wins Gold - Chris Adams Live from NYC



5/24/2011- Live from the Hunting Fields - Video

Short 2 minute introduction while they were adjusting camera and sound. http://www.ustream.tv/recorded/14941852

Longer 34 minute video showing 3 or 4 owls flying in the hunting fields - very hard to see though.



5/24/2011 - Live from the Hunting Fields

"We are going to try something completely new and different tonight. Austin and I are going to be broadcasting live from the hunting grounds of these owls. That right, we are going to go to an open field not too far from the owl box and set up a camera and see if we can show you them actually hunting live. We will be using natural lighting so there will be a very short window of opportunity. We estimate we will have about 30 minutes or less before it gets too dark to see the owls. We also have to have some luck and guess the right field where they will be hunting tonight...."



5/23/2011 - Photography Imitates Art

"It was pointed out to me that my photo “Great Wings” was very similar to a picture in a book. To show you just how close the oval inset is from the book “Barn Owls.” Illustrated by Bert Kitchen...."



5/22/2011 - Is it Day or is it Night?

"Is it day or night? That is a question I have been getting a lot lately. The reason is simple. For you to see the owls at night I adjust the camera settings manually to get every last bit of light into the camera so I at night I open the camera up to the maximum and I turn the gain up to the maximum. The effects are that the box looks lit up at night more than it is and in the mornings it looks like daylight way before the darkness has gone away. ..." 



5/21/2011 - Great Wings

"..Not being able to sleep, I got up around 3:30 this morning and of course, I had to check out The Owl Box. I just happened to have my remote photo clicker in my hand as I stepped to the computer just in time to see one of the owlets start to fly with a treat in its mouth…I clicked..."



5/20/2011 -Live From New York - It's Chris Adams!

If you haven't heard the news, Chris Adams is heading to "The Big Apple" and he wants you to join the adventure! Watch for it live on the Owl Box on May 25th.




5/19/2011 - Day 90 and Still At Home

"Did you tune in last night and see all four owlets still at home, but there was one change that I noticed. When Molly did a fly by two of the owlet left with her. I assume for a trip to the hunting grounds. At least that is a start at getting this bunch away from the owl box...." 



5/18/2011 - Owlets Have it Too Good

"Molly and McGee can tweet and the rains can come but the owlets are not leaving. All four were having a ball last night and getting plenty to eat. Remember when McGee starved the first clutch out of the box, not this time. Let’s have a banquet seems to be the motto for this bunch of hangeroners. This Third Clutch is known as the Owletgeneration...."



5/17/2011 - Molly The Owl by Eric Blehm wins 2011 Silver Award from Nautilus Book Awards!

Molly The Owl by Eric Blehm has won a national medal from Nautilus Book Awards! The enchanting book chronicling the true story of this unforgettable event has won a 2011 Silver Award in the category of Children's Nonfiction.



5/17/2011 - Like, Did You Really Think We Were Going To Leave?

"Okay, I give up. It is day 88 and all four owlets are still showing up and Molly and McGee are still bringing them food. Could it be that since this third clutch showed up early that they are going to stay late? One thing I have noticed is that when Molly and McGee try to deet, deet, deet them away from the box, these three owlets just seem to ignore the calls, where with the first two clutches off the owlets would go."



5/16/2011 - Going for the Record

"...Like I said before, this Third Clutch is a whole new adventure creating its own chapters in Barn Owl history. Tonight will be day 87, from the hatch date and if they show up it will be a new record. The first clutch left on day 85, the Second Clutch left on Day 86, will the Third Clutch leave on Day 87 or will they continue to write more history? Stay tuned, the actions starts, if there is going to be any, shortly after 8:00 PM PST...."



5/15/2011 - Will They Return?

"I have a feeling they are coming back, even though I know today is day 86. I just think that this clutch is different or at least they seem to be to me. Clutches one and two never used our backyard the way these owlets have. To me it looks like this bunch could be around for a while yet…They are just having too much fun.  Tune in around eight PST tonight and we will see."



5/14/2011 - Could tonight be the last night?

"Could tonight be the last time we see The Third Clutch? Tonight is night 85 from the hatch date. The first clutch was gone, never to return on night 185. Last night all four showed up for fun and games and sure didn’t look like they were in any hurry to leave. The owlets have been showing up shortly after 8:00 PM PST. You might want to check in just to see if they show up. The Second Clutch left on night 86."



5/13/2011 - Looking for Someone to Lean on

"We are now on day 84 from hatch date, so the count down is on. You could be seeing them for the last time; each night now could be their last night in and around The Owl Box. Clutch One disappeared on day 85 and Clutch Two disappeared on day 86. What day do you pick for these owlets to disappear from the camera’s view?"



5/12/2011 - Laughing Outside the Box

"Some have been saying that this clutch is staying around longer than the others. Not true, in the First Clutch the owlets fledged, not to return, on day 85 from the hatch date and in the Second Clutch the owlets fledged, not to return, on day 86 from the hatch date so according to my calculations we have a few more days to go. We are on day 83 from the hatch date."



5/11/2011 - Owlet Lands on Lawn

"Last night the owlets were once again very active outside the box. The highlight was when one of the owlets landed on the lawn just a short distance from where Austin and I were standing. We wanted to get a picture but in our excitement we startled the owl and missed the shot, this is my third close encounter and I have yet to be fast enough or slow enough to get a photo. I can tell you though, it was exciting."



5/10/2011 - Molly the owl Book a Finalist in the Seventeenth Annual San Diego Book and Writing Awards



5/10/2011 - Austin's Story is now Online

Austin’s Story is now online at The San Diego Union Tribune Escondido teen feathers his nest with owl movie.”



5/7/2011 - Is There a Movie Deal????

"Once again all four owlets showed up for feeding at The Owl Box. From past experience, clutches one and two, we know that Molly and McGee will run the owlets off around day 85 from the time the first egg hatches. That means we have about another week to watch the Third Clutch according to my calculations. Today is day 78 for the oldest owlet of the Third Clutch..."



5/6/2011 - Family Breakfast Third Clutch

"If you were up early this morning, around 5 AM PST all four owlets of the Third Clutch had returned to The Owl Box for breakfast. Then at 5:10 Molly brought in a treat and not be left out McGee brought in a treat at 5:12 AM. There you had it, the complete family of the Third Clutch; they must have known I was recording.... "



5/5/2011 - Carlos cleaning out Gag Shag

Carlos said he took out 13 pounds of gag shag that was piled 4 inches deep.



5/5/2011 - The Third Clutch has Fledged

"This morning I got up to an empty owl box. The Third Clutch has fledged. That makes 10 owlets for Molly and McGee so far.  Wow!"



5/4/2011 - In Flight

"From the photo I posted yesterday showing the depth of the gag shag, I think I will clean out The Owl Box after this clutch leaves. That is if Molly and McGee give me some time to do it."



5/3/2011 - Two out, Two to Go

"The question yesterday was, will all three owlets fledge at the same time since it appeared that all three were staying in the box together. I mean, like, we had three Wesleys in the box or at least we thought we did. The oldest owlet has been out of the box for over a week now. Then this morning we discovered, we don’t have three Wesleys, only two owlets left in the box.  Just when you think you have it figured out, they throw you a curve."



5/1/2011 - Every Clutch is Different

"Just like kids every bunch is different and this Third Clutch is no exception. During the first clutch for example, not once did any of the owlets land in the tree branches but this brood has just got to try them out, which has resulted in tangled feathers, wings and talons. Also, this group likes to go dive bomb the garden and bounce back high into the air about three feet practicing their hunting skills from the grape post and the end of the RV garage..."



4/30/2011 - Three Owlets keep Coming Back

"What I find most interesting about the Third Clutch is that three owlets keep coming back to the box during the day time where the oldest owlet fledged over a week ago and has not been back in the box during the day but has shown up every night since it fledged." 



4/29/2011 - Catch them before they fly away

Carlos says, "I think we will only have a few more night of the owlets before they all fledge."



4/28/2011 - Internet Drop Out

"Hope you enjoyed the show the last two nights before the internet started dropping in and out. Our Internet service provider starts having these issues the minute the weather starts to warm up a bit and yesterday it got up close to 90 degrees here."



4/26-27/2011 - Some photos of third clutch owlets





4/26/2011 - Camera Will Be On Tonight

Starting at 7:30 pm PST, 10:30 pm EST, an outside camera will be on to watch night activities of the 4 owlets in the 3rd clutch of Molly & McGee. The camera will be left on all night.



4/5/2011 - Cascades Raptor Center

"...First we visited the Cascade Raptor Center in Eugene where they had more raptors on display than I have seen at any other location. I think they had almost every kind of owl except the common barn owl, which surprised us..."



3/27/2011 - Memories & Third Clutch owlets:

Photos of the third clutch taken today. Donna needed a picture to put in her wallet.




3/26/2011 - You Never Forget Your First Love - Vacadude Cartoon and Commentary

"Last Sunday the 20th of March marked my 1 year anniversary of the first time I brought up the Owl Box on my computer. What a year it has been!..."



3/26/2011 - Molly and McGee Day Makes WordPress.com’s Top 100 List

"How big a deal is that? There are 18.67 million sites on wordpress.com, there were 567,739 post yesterday. When I checked Molly’s Box ranked # 57 which put Molly’s Box Blog not just the top 1% but in the top .01% yesterday. Molly Fans, you made it happen again with 10,183 Views and 388 comments.  Gee, that was fun and I was a part of it.  Thank You...."



3/25/2011 - Today Is Molly and McGee Day

Let’s Celebrate and Reminisce. Got to Molly's Blog and post. 



3/24/2011 - March 25th, Molly and McGee Day

"Let’s not forget that this Friday is Molly & McGee Day. Let’s have a get together right here on Molly’s Box. It will be a day of celebration and you can let the world know what The Owl Box, Molly, McGee and the owlets mean or meant to you. I have already received several emails saying that watching Molly last year was one of the best years of their life. But instead of sending me those email, post how you feel, so all can see and share, not just me."  



3/18/2011 - Survival of the Fittest

"The two little owlets have died. These two were much, much smaller than the other owlets and came from eggs that were about a third smaller than the other five eggs....Again, I noted their small size and their non-development compared to the other four owlets. What is interesting is they seemed to be getting plenty of food, Molly was feeding them and they were bouncing around but they were just not developing for their age. For example, the two little owlets did not develop their little downy feathers like they should have to keep themselves warm and after almost two weeks they were still almost naked. We think this lack of warmth may have been the contributing factor in their deaths. They were alive when we went to bed and they were deceased when we got up the next morning.


The good news is Molly still has 4 healthy owlets, which is very normal for a barn owl hatch of six eggs."



3/15/2011  - Majestic - Update on  Caleigh & Calvin, Roark, and Molly &McGee

"The owlets are growing daily and Molly is starting to spend a lot of time outside of the box at night. This morning for example she returned just before daylight after being out most of the night.  She did not return with food so we are not sure if she has joined McGee in hunting for food, which she did in the first two clutches. So far all six of the owlets continue to appear healthy.  Remember, there are two that are much much smaller than the other four owlets."



3/13/2011- 6,410 Viewer Hours, Updated Numbers

"Molly definitely has six owlets; we finally managed to get a good count but no pictures to prove it yet. She laid 7 eggs and six hatched, the seventh just disappeared. We speculate that she ate it when it didn’t hatch but since we didn’t see it happen, we are not sure...."



3/8/2011 - Mom Knows Best

Carlos thought you might like to see a short YouTube video starring Molly feeding her babies and what she does to take care of them. If you like it please feel free to share the link with others.

Molly and Baby


3/8/2011  - 3500 Show Up

"While things went well during the show, it was a day full of stress. What you did not see was the broadcast program crashing a half a dozen times and when we finally got it up and running or so we thought. It said, we were broadcasting, everything looked right but nothing was showing up on the receiving end. Time was ticking down and I am thinking, “Oh, No,” no show..."



3/7/2011 - Molly Special Third Clutch



3/7/2011 - Molly The owl Press Announcement


3/4/2011 - Carlos announces  Live Molly Special on Monday Night - 6:00 PM PST,March 7, 2011.


To view the broadcast go to:



3/1/2011 - A Barn Owl Has Lessons For Us All

"Today’s Sacramento Bee included a very favorable review of Eric Blehm’s “Molly the Owl: The True Story of a Common Barn Owl That Ends Up Being Not So Common After All.” Congratulations, Eric and Chris!"




3/1/2011 - McGee Third Clutch

"During the first two clutches we rarely ever saw McGee in the palm but speculated that was where he was hanging out. It seems for the third clutch that he is hanging out in plain sight. Shine a light on the palm tree and there he is, or at least that is where he has been the last few nights."



2/27/2011 - McGee in Palm Tree

"We did see McGee in the palm tree and I took a few photos of him. Austin captured some video but it was pretty boring because Mcgee found himself a spot out of the rain and did not move. Video requires action or movement to be good, where a still shot can capture the moment and does not require movement or action."



2/26/2011 -Screeching



2/24/2011 - Roark in flight



2/17/2011 - McGee Reflecting is Available & McGee Sighting Update

"We saw McGee fly in with a rather large treat last night, stay a few minutes for bonding I would say, according the racket they were making, and then flew off. Like I said, we are almost sure that Molly has eggs.  It will be exciting to see how many owlets come out of the box with all the other owls laying so many eggs. I bet Molly is keeping right up with them. For us this will be like an old-fashsioned birth, we won’t know what we’ve got, until we get it.  (Sorry, no broadcast this year.)"



2/16/2011 - Caleigh Still Looking



2/7/2011 - Desert Camping  and Clarification about Cameras

"Donna and I will be doing a lot of travelling in the next few years and at our age we do not want to put it off any longer. We did last year because Molly showed up and we wanted to share the experience with others. Then we stayed around for the second clutch even though we had planned to be on the road again. Okay, now it is time to take off.  Plus, there are several other really good owl box sites everyone can watch."



1/30/2011 - McGee bows to the crowd after his grand performance

"Donna and I were treated to a rare event last night. We had been out for a Mexican dinner with friends and when we returned McGee was out on the fledge ledge where he stayed for about two hours for our viewing. Even though I titled the photo “McGee Reflecting Light” the photo reminds me of a Mexican Bullfighter with his cape bowing to the crowd after a grand performance."


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