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Fourth Clutch

Page history last edited by Chris 10 years, 5 months ago

Fourth Clutch  and After - 2012


7/4/2012 - July 4th - What a Wonderful Day



7/1/2012 - The Boy (Kestrel) Fledges



6/29/2012 - Cameras Removed

"With the owl box empty, I decided it was time to remove the remaining camera and wiring and give Donna her dining room table back. Now you know why over time the picture gets fuzzy or cloudy. (See picture above.) Even though I was able to clean up the camera it no longer worked and had to junked like so many of the other cameras. These web cameras are just not designed for this type of use but we made them work. If you remember back then, I had installed almost a dozen cameras, all out doors (these are not outdoor cameras) with over 3,000 feet of wiring running everywhere so we could broadcast for you The Owl Box and surroundings. That is just what it took but now I have removed all the cameras and all the wiring.  If Molly or some other owl comes back they will be able to have their babies without the world watching..."



6/16/2012 - Got Baby Kestrels

"Surprise, Surprise, we have baby kestrels. Just when we had given up and said nothing was going to hatch, look what popped up this morning. This kestrel hatch has been so different from ones in the past. In the past there was lots of bonding and tons of food being delivered with the box being almost a bee hive of activity but not this time. We observed bonding only once and rarely food deliveries and when we returned the female was not in the box but spending all her time outside of the box. We just assumed nothing happened. In fact, when Donna was looking out the window this morning she comments that there were just no birds in the backyard and that it had been a bust year. About an hour later I was looking out the window and notice a grey spot inside the circle and grabbed the binoculars.  I started shouting, “We got babies, we got babies!” Donna came running over to see with a “Well, I ‘ll be.” We don’t have a camera on the Kestrel box so there won’t be any broadcasting but we will keep you posted on their development."



6/15/2012 - Molly MIA

"Molly has not been seen now in over three weeks. She was coming back to the box on a regular basis as we reported, but then after she rejected the male that showed up shortly after the disappearance of McGee, Molly gradually decided to go looking elsewhere. Even though we have always said that this was Molly’s box and called it Molly’s Box. The way it really works according to The Book of Owls is the male picks the box or nesting location and brings in food to entice the female, so more than likely some male has attracted her to a new location or at least we like to think so more than the alternative that something has happened to Molly. Either way, more than likely we will not see Molly again.

Remember, this is not The End, it is only a chapter or a book in the cycle of life.

Gee, this has been fun, and I was a part of it but now it is time to move on."



5/25/2012 - Doves and Owlets

"...Molly Update: We have not seen Molly for two weeks now. The last we told you was she rejected the male that came a courting but that she visited the box just enough to keep the other owls away. We will just have to wait and see what happen from here. Remember, it is the male that selects the box and courts the female into it. Will Molly return? We just don’t know...."



5/20/2012 - Amazing Growth

"As most of you know we were just in Bakersfield this past week and I posted a photo of two baby doves. Now check out the growth in just a few days, less than a week. It looks to me like they will be ready to fledge in just a few more days. Winnie said in her email that the parents were already leaving the babies for longer periods of time...."



5/19/2012 - Backyard Update

"...We are back home now. Molly has not been back in the box and we don’t expect her to show except occasionally until next mating season. The bluebirds decided it was too hot and they left too. That leaves Calvin and Caleigh the kestrels. Caleigh is definitely sitting on eggs. Wha-hooo!  And Calvin is bringing in the food…A lizard this morning...."



5/11/2012 - Pfalvin and Pfaleigh

Is it Calvin and Caleigh or Pfalvin and Pfaleigh?    "...It warmed up yesterday and Pfaleigh decided to take a break from setting on the eggs and took time to join her mate Pfalvin in the lookout tree. This is where Pfalvin spends most of his time keeping watch on the kestrel box..."



5/10/2012 - Surprise, Surprise

"Surprise, surprise, Caleigh has moved into the Kestrel box. We can’t see her but we know she is inside as Calvin stands watch either on top of the box or in the tree across the yard with a clear view of the nesting box. We will not be broadcasting for two reasons. We don’t have a camera on this box and Donna and I will be traveling...We will still keep you updated from time to time but we plan to grab all the gusto while we can still can. We hope you understand."



5/6/2012 - Is it For Rent or Not?

"Molly rejected her new suitor and as such it seems she has decided to take a vacation until next year’s mating season. She spends almost no time in the box. In fact, we go days, weeks without seeing her. Kind of boring. I think maybe she has rejoined her local chapter of The Wisdom of Owls, or as some would say Parliament of Owls.  The other night I was thinking, Molly has not been around in a while, maybe I should put out the For Rent sign.  No sooner had I had that thought, when I heard a loud thump or owl knock. It was Molly just letting me know the owl box was not for rent. It seems she comes to visit just enough to let all the other owls know this is still her box...."



4/21/2012 - A Wisdom of Owls

A Wisdom of Owls, a novel by Mary Pat Hyland.

Molly Update: Molly rejected her young suitor, so for now The Owl Box is empty.



3/29/2012 - Fearless

Young male owl may be called fearless for courting Molly



3/15/2012 - Molly Is Fine

"Molly is fine. She has revisited the owl box every night just after sunset. The box has been empty during the day. She only stays long enough to look around, rough up some gag shag and then stomp on or dance around the patio. An owl’s way of letting other owls know this is her box...."



3/12/2012 -_Tribute to McGee and the Fourth Clutch

"It is with great sadness and a heavy heart that we are reporting that we have not seen McGee since March 9th, the day DeeDee hatched. We think he is gone....When Molly returned with food she quickly placed the gopher in the pantry and checked on DeeDee. DeeDee showed no signs of life, so Molly gently lifted DeeDee and placed her away from the eggs. It was a very moving moment. She then lightly touched the eggs with the palm of her claw searching for the warmth of life. We could tell there was none as she rolled the eggs over and over continually touching them, not wanting to give up. Tears came to our eyes as we realized that Molly is the only survivor of the fourth clutch....."



3/10/2012 - The Molly Effect and First hatch Dee Dee

"...Then like any proud mother, Molly stood and showed off her baby to us. With a long sigh and exhale of breath, Donna and I relaxed as we counted one baby owlet and three perfect little white eggs remaining.  We named the first owlet DeeDee...."



3/1/2012 - Fourth Clutch has Started!!

"We checked in on Molly and McGee and as you can see they have 4 eggs. Wow! Four eggs for the fourth clutch. The Owl Box rocks!......."



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