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McGee Tribute page

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Design  on Photo by JuneP



From Molly's Box Blog - 3/12/2012 - Tribute To McGee and the Fourth Clutch

"It is with great sadness and a heavy heart that we are reporting that we have not seen McGee since March 9th, the day DeeDee hatched. We think he is gone...Tears came to our eyes as we realized that Molly is the only survivor of the fourth clutch. Happiness and sorrow are part of the Cycle of Life. The Way of the Owls tells us each day is precious. It also gives us the statistic that barn owls in the wild only live, on average, about two years and their young often don’t survive. Sadly, we have seen this statistic proven true many times this year with the Starr Ranch male, the Rancho Bernardino male and now McGee and the fourth clutch.  Donna and I will always remember McGee; what a magnificent barn owl he was. We have his photo in our living room with all our other family photos."

For complete blog, go to the link:



From Molly's Box Blog - 3/15/2012 - Molly Is Fine

"Molly is fine. She has revisited the owl box every night just after sunset. The box has been empty during the day. She only stays long enough to look around, rough up some gag shag and then stomp on or dance around the patio. An owl’s way of letting other owls know this is her box...."



3/14/2012 - North County Times - by Deborah Sullivan Brennan

San Marcos: Molly the Owl looses eggs, mate


3/16/2012 - San Diego Union-Tribune - by Adrian Vore

North County: McGee the owl  has apparently died



3/16/2012  -  Channel 10 News San Diego


3/16/2012 - KPBS Article Just Online


Light a Candle for McGee!

Started by EFS in Tucson

"I know we're all touched by this...and feeling a bit powerless.  Remember that you can post your feelings on the Molly and McGee blog. I started a candle group for McGee, if you'd like to join me.  It's a wonderful opportunity to just get your thoughts and feelings together as you move through the process of lighting one."



Group Card for Carlos & Donna



Molly Movie Night - Friday, March 16 - McGee Film Festival

This week's special Molly Movie Night, we will be celebrating and sharing remembrances of beautiful Leggz McGee. MODs are welcome to be there to support each other, enjoy each other’s company, and appreciate the community that Molly and McGee   (and Carlos and Donna) created.   For the first two hours of this week's Molly Movie Night, we will be doing a “McGee Film Festival”. That will be 6:30 to 8:30 Pacific time. During that time we invite everyone to drop by and post appreciations, memories, stories, or anything of that sort in the social stream. After that we’ll move on to a more typical Molly Movie Night. We loved McGee, and we miss Molly more than ever, and mourn the loss of the new babies. Let’s be together and celebrate their lives and how much they have affected ours.

Your friends at Molly Movie Night,

Sylvia and Kathy



McGee Tribute Video

Uploaded by violetmoon on Mar 12, 2012

It is with great sadness and a heavy heart that Carlos and Donna are reporting that they have not seen McGee since March 9th. McGee will live in our hearts forever and he will be forever flying free




McGee Tribute Collages by JuneP


The Love Story of Molly & McGee

You Never Forget Your First Love



Vacadude's Tribute to McGee:

Blog: Goodbye, McGee:   http://vacadude.wordpress.com/2012/03/15/172/

Cartoon Collage:  Just remembering back over the good times with McGee these past two years.

Blog: McGee at the Rainbow Bridge:   http://vacadude.wordpress.com/2012/03/19/mcgee-at-the-rainbow-bridge/

Cartoon: It's McGee and Dee Dee reuniting with Kelly and Jody at the Rainbow Bridge.   McGee and his babies: Reunited




Tribute on Mel & Sydney blog:




March 13, 2012 issue of Egg Watch by Clydesfan(Cathy)




Four Part Sympathy Card designed by Darlene Salisbury







One video of Molly & McGee together in the box - 8/1/2011




RIP - McGee - Picture by Robin in Jersey




We Will Miss You, Molly & McGee!

Made by JeanModelT  - 8/31/2011




Molly Movie Night Tribute to McGee - Slideshow


Molly Movie Night! March 17, 2012 3:05 AM- Video




McGee merchandise - Cafe press

Some may be interested in these items in Memory of McGee. This design honors our champion, McGee, with those unforgettable legs.

Leggs McGee Design



Poem By Darlene Salisbury

Roses are Red
Violets are Blue
Leggs McGee
We will sorely miss YOU!



Haiku - By Ruth Mobberley Schmitz 

With a wing and prayer.
Feathers touch us all.
Hallowed owl leaves a heart print.



Haiku for McGee - by Mary Pat Hyland:
We've lost you, McGee,
to the eternal moonlight.
depart with our love.



Haiku for McGee - by Kate W. Pile
Silver wings on high,
Touched by moonlight and our dreams.
Fierce Hunter, goodbye.




(to Molly's First Family and all my new MOD friends!)
By Kate W Pile (written at the end of the first clutch)

It started with an email from a friend;
He said there was a website not to miss.
A pair of owls with 5 eggs left to tend,
The mother nesting in a state of bliss.

I had no expectation that this site
Would steal my life for months, both nights and days.
But Molly looked at me that fateful night
And I was drawn into her restful gaze.

I watched as one by one 4 owlets hatched
So fluffy as they huddled under wing!
Their father's hunting skills could not be matched
Survival hinged upon the food he'd bring.

McGee and Molly made a perfect pair.
With MOD chatters and lurkers always there.

So much has happened since that sweet March day;
Events and friends I will not soon forget.
No accident it was, so I can say:
I chose to spend my time with no regret.

We came to love their antics as they grew.
And their harsh cries became our nightly song.
That they would leave one day we always knew:
They branched, then flew and our hearts went along.

We wish you well along your paths of flight
Safe comfort in your days and treats at night!




PDFs of the chat- sharing expressions of grief and discussions about McGee

From Mel & Sydney SPO Chat :

From Molly & McGee SPO Chat:

From SPO-MOD Support Group & Coffee House facebook page:


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